Z wave switches stopped working

I have 2 Zwave switches in my master bedroom that stopped responding. I can see their state just fine but controlling them no longer works. I’ve even reset my hub. The devices just say “adjusting” when I try and change their state.

Have you tried replacing them using the mobile app?

The mobile app couldn’t remove them. I had to remove them from the development console. I was then able to re-did them successfully with the mobile app. However it’s the same problem as before. I can’t control them from the mobile app or Alexa.

Don’t remove. Replace. Use the mobile app. Go into the device. Click the gear. Then replace.

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That seems it might have done it. I’m not home anymore but they are both now responding in the app, so I am assuming that they are turning on and off.

Is the replace thing a new feature? I guess I never noticed it before so I don’t really understand how it’s supposed to work or when I should use that feature. Thank you for your help.

This is how Z-Wave works. You must exclude or replace a device or you will be left with floating assigned Z-Wave IDs in the routing table. Since you removed them from IDE, I would guess that is now your case. If you run a Z-Wave repair, it will show unreachable devices. The only way to fix this is to manually create a device in IDE with the Z-Wave ID now unsigned and run a repair, replacing it with a new device. That new device will assume the previous assigned ID. You could then exclude the device to remove the ID from the routing table.

No, it’s not new. It’s been there awhile. It only works for z-wave (there’s another method for zigbee - reset the zigbee device and re-add and it will replace itself).

Replace can be used to replace a defective, or to replace a device with itself (in the event it has quit responding). Depending upon the mesh, one failed device can take out numerous others. I always start closest to the hub and work my way out. I have to do the procedure on a random device maybe once every 4-6 months now (it keeps getting less and less).