How do I fix the connection?

How do I fix 'we are having trouble connecting . Check your network connection and try again? All connection are good as far as I know.

More details please? Devices or Smartapps? All or some? If only some, what devices are they and what device handlers are you using? Screenshots?

I add all the smart app and device handlers. Then I add from smart thing app it says and not connecting.

All my apps are fine. Anything from new smart app i wanted to install this won’t. Let me install.

Are you running any malware blockers such as adguard on your home network or perhaps a pihole?

If you do, whitelist and perhaps

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I have Adguard.

I’m getting the same when trying to install ST-Community-Installer. I have PiHole, but I disable it when attempting to do the install. Plus, I’ve also Port forwarded ports 37, 1111, 9443 and 39500 to the Wifi Hub as advised elsewhere, but have portforward all four for both UDP and TCP (as the advice did not specify one or the other).

sigh The first thing I go to do after setup and I’m already asking for help.

There appear to be many users reporting issues with getting the community installer smartapp to work. It is not related to the topic of this thread. You may wish to report the issue in the main community installer thread. Hopefully the developer will be able to resolve the issue soon.