I deleted devices and home by accident!

I was trying to reorganize my device/location in new app, and deleted an extra/duplicated home location. Well, it looks like i deleted the whole thing out of old and new smartthings. Now I have, and when i go to add new device it says I need to add a hub first. Any thoughts?

first, login to IDE and check that you removed the location with your hub at https://account.smartthings.com

go to My Locations

It only shows the second location which the one that existed on the new smartthings app prior to migration. only has 2 devices (a TV and a Vaccum)

I want to tell you to contact ST support and see if there is anything they can do for you. But I know you will wait days for them to reply back that you will need to start over. Meaning you will need to add the hub back and add all your devices again and redo all your automations. your decision to make :frowning:


I’ll probably get it done faster if I start now. I probably had about 50 devices, shouldn’t take that long. LOL. Except, I it’s been so long, I gotta look it up.

Will I need a new welcome code?

if it is a v2 hub, open the battery compartment. some users have reported finding the code there


I had the box. thank you!

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I am half way there. except that i cant seem to exclude some of my zwave devices to re add them… any suggestions?

if you are using the STSC app, try using the Classic app instead and see if you have better luck

i have been doing it in classic. maybe i’ll try the new one now