How can I trigger a smart app based on wind speed?

I have an outdoor decorative fountain which I connected to a Kasa KP200 smart outlet. The outlet works great to control on/off based on a time schedule, but I would like to be able to override the schedule if the wind speed exceeds a certain amount and if the temperature drops below a certain point. The granularity of the trigger does not need to be real time. The trigger could be based on the day’s weather forecast.

The reason I would like this option is if the wind speed exceeds 10mph, then the water coming out of the top of the fountain blows outside of the fountain, and could potentially cause the fountain reservoir to run dry and burn up the motor. The same problem would exist if the temperature in the winter is low enough for the fountain to freeze. I will most likely “winter” the fountain in the garage to avoid freezing type damage, but it would be nice to have that safeguard in place.

WebCoRE is probably your best bet in this scenario. It has an interface to weather and you can have extremely complex rules.

I use this to alert on open garage doors during inclement weather or auto close depending on conditions
For instance:
windspeed is over X, Wind gusts over Y.
Wind direction A,B,C (blowing INTO the garage) reduces all of my trigger values by 50%
Rain or snow have thier own triggers. but can also modify the wind triggers
Day and Night also modify the triggers.


I use webcore along with my netatmo wind gauge for this exact purpose.