Weather Smart Pool Pump

I just purchased a smart sprinkler controller that uses weather information to vary my watering schedule. I’m looking for, but can’t find, a pool pump controller that basically does the same. Based on pool or air temperature, I’d like the pool pump controller to run for less time when temperatures are low and longer when it’s hot out. Does anyone know of such a product or SmartApp? I know how to build this myself, but don’t want to repeat the work if it’s already been done.

I don’t believe CoRE has access to weather information, such as wind and rain, so cool features like varying the booster pump operation time based on weather would be impossible (e.g., run the pool sweep longer when it has been windy or rainy). SmartThings has a slick interface to Weather Underground that would be easy to use for this. I’ll wait to see if anyone knows of an existing solution. If not, I’ll build it.

It sounds like I might be able solve my problem using CoRE, but if I did, correct me if I’m wrong, I would not be able to share my solution with others as it would just be specific to me and my pool, my location, etc. I’m new to this community, but my understanding was that this category “SmartApp Ideas” is meant to request, discuss, and propose SmartApps. If you are suggesting that what I’m proposing is too simple to be a SmartApp on it’s own, then I disagree. It is no less complex than other SmartApps like Smart Humidifier, Keep Me Cozy, Sleepy Time, or Whole House Fan.

Having found no existing products or SmartApps that do what I want, I’m happy to leave the discussion here and build a SmartApp that I can share.

As I said above, the added time would be for the booster pump (or pool sweep) when windy or rainy.