Wind sensor (2019)

I am really new to smart things. I just purchased a Samsung SmartThings hub and an outdoor outlet. I want to setup some kind of wind sensor or plug into one in my local community that if wind is over 15mph it turns the outlet off.

I know there are 3 people within a couple miles of me with the wunderground weather stations and not sure if those allow a plug in. If not I could see buying my own but want to make sure it would be compatible with what I need it to do.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the Smart Weather Tile/Station which would give you the current weather including wind speed and gusting, but as default it refreshes every 15 minutes. (can be changed, but you shouldn’t over use the WU API integration) You can use it with WU station IDs too. The Device Handler you can find it the SmartThings Public Repo on github, but it might be directly available in the IDE.
There is a custom DH for private weather stations connected to Ambient Weather, if you live in the US. I have seen some local WeeWX weather station integration to Smartthings too, if you are planning to buy one.
Or there is a z-wave wind gauge from POPP but I don’t know is there any integration for it.

First things first: what country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

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@JDRoberts, is there anything what is natively supported by SmartThings for wind speed in any country? Zigbee, Z-Wave or Wifi? I don’t think of any C2C but anything?
I know Qubino had an integration for their Weather Station, which was working through a Z-wave station, but they are not selling it anymore as I know. And they haven’t had the “new” model when I asked them last.

I am in the United States.

See the following recent thread:

Simple wind direction (and maybe speed) sensor?

I’ve just ran through the topic. You have collected almost all options. Sadly the Qubino one is not listed anymore on their website, but that one had a DH from Qubino. (I wanted to buy one, but couldn’t find any in Europe for an affordable price.)
The Ambient Weather integration could work well in the US.

The DH uses a private key, so a Personal Weather Station is required. The Ambient Weather stations are fairly cheap.

The Osprey is one of the best selling. Not perfect, but it works for most of the people. (It is a so called Fine Offset clone, the same company sells the same sensor sets to other companies. Ambient Weather in the US, Froggit in the UK, Eurochron in elsewhere Europe sold by Conrad. And many others. The base has an ESP board for wifi and to connect the sensors by a local “free use” frequency like 433Mhz in Europe.)
They can be connected to a local weather station server like WeeWX too, by doing some tinkering on the network. Then WeeWX has an extension to publish a json what can be read by a DH on the local network.

I have one, set up the last way, except I haven’t connected yet to Smartthings as the WeeWX running on a RPi0W, and it is a bit weak for the task. I haven’t swapped it for a RPi3 yet.


Has anyone managed to make the " jwoodrich/SmartThings-WeeWxWeatherStation" work?

I haven’t installed it at the end. I am just using the built in Weather Station DH from the IDE. If you post your data to WU, then @dckirker was updating that DH recently and it should work with WU Station IDs.