Wind speed alert?

I have a bloomsky storm that measures wind speed and I am wondering if I can use Core to trigger an alert if they wind speed gets above a certain speed?

You can use EchoSistant to do this.

Does the Bloomsky device show you the wind speed? If it does then CoRE can do it. If it doesn’t, then you may be able to use the WU PWS if you created one and integrated with ST

I have EchoSistant deployed, how would I use it to do this?

In the weather section, instead of using your zip code use your weather station ID

Oh, ok, I’ll check that. Thanks!

Yes, the BloomSky device does show wind speed. I don’t see wind speed as an ‘if’ option in CoRE,

You’ll have to use Save wind attribute to variable and perform your evaluation on that variable.

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Where would I do those things? :slight_smile: Sorry, pretty ignorant here…

Here’s an example…I use the temperature change in WeatherTile to trigger the saving of the wind attribute.

● WeatherTile temperature changes
Using WeatherTile...
► Save attribute '⌂ wind' to variable {windSpeed}'
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I notice in the BloomSky community app for SmartThings there is a ‘Gusts’ attribute which would probably be even better for this. Would it be called ‘gusts’ instead of ‘wind’ in the save attribute command?

Ok, I think I figured out how to do the variable so disregard my last. I wish there was a way to tell it to update every 5 minutes instead of a temperature change trigger. Any way to do that?

You can use a timer to do that also, I just used temp as an example.

I apologize, how do I setup a timer as an if?

Time happens every X minutes

Also, what would be the easiest way to tell it to execute only if the new variable attribute is higher than the previous variable attribute within the last 24 hours?

Sorry, I can just see in a big wind storm it notifying like crazy, trying to limit it.

Ahhh perfect, thanks! I tried Time before but I only saw ‘happens at’, didn’t realize there would be the right attribute after that selection. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!

I want to setup an outdoor outlet that will turn off if wind speed is over a certain speed. would this solution work for that?

It should work the same. If you have the more updated webCoRE app installed, you can get guidance at the dedicated webCoRE support forum.