Turn off a device if windspeed is too high

I have a Christmas inflatable decoration plugged into a zwave outlet connected to my smartthings hub. I would like to control it in the following way:

If windspeed is < 10 mph and it is sunset, turn on
If windspeed exceeds 10 mph between sunset and 11pm turn off
At 11pm turn off

I can get the sunrise sunset rules no problem. I can even get the windspeed sort of with IFTTT. However, the IFTTT recipe doesn’t run frequently enough. Today, the decoration turned on even though the windspeed was 15mph.

Any suggestions?

I believe there is a Weather SmartApp that may help you pull weather info directly and act on it instead of through IFTTT, I do not have experience with it though so not sure if the functionality you require is there?

I think you might get there with Neatmo? I am not sure of the parameters and variables, but it may be worth some more investigation. IFTTT works with Neatmo, and there is an old "smartthings lab’ integration I found.

Edit - Nevermind. The wind module is not yet available. I would suggest lowing the threshold?



If you are using an Android you might be able to get something together with the Weather tile, Sharptools/Tasker, a virtual on/off switch and Rule Machine. Sounds like a lot of moving parts but it shouldn’t be that hard to setup. The key is that Sharptools can subscribe to the “wind” parameter of the weather tile.

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Is it possible to connect the wind gauge to Smart Things without a Netatmo hub?