How Can I Hardwire Sub-hubs via Ethernet?

I am currently trying to set my SmartThings Mesh Network up after a reset and I am running into issues. I used to have my network set up as follows.

Cable modem > SmartThings hub (main) > Ethernet switch > SmartThings Sub Hubs (via ethernet plugged into “IN” port)

I did this so that there was less speed loss on the end with each hub and gain distance between hubs.

While setting up my network again after a reset I can’t get it to work via ethernet connections to the sub hubs at all. It really throws the network into chaos. I can’t follow directions anymore online to turn the sub hubs into bridge mode either. SmartThings has changed the set up process since I originally set this up.

Looking for any help I can get. Thanks in advance!

Which model hubs do you have? there were two generations, one with plume, and one without, and the processes are different.

Also, what country are you in? (In case you need to get in touch with support.)

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Thanks for the reply. I have Model ET-WV525

Ok, that’s the newer model that uses Plume.

If you go into Plume Homepass does it show the subhubs? Does it say “network error”?

And have you read through the following thread from earlier this year?

SmartThings WiFi Mesh Ethernet Backhaul No Longer Working

I did read that thread but I have a different set up because I am not using Deco. I found that option for Auto (router) but it’s definitely confusing. I haven’t seen an error yet because anytime i plug in Ethernet to a sub hub the network starts going crazy and I have to reset the entire network again.

Do you think I should change the auto (router) setting then unplug sub hubs, plug in Ethernet and then plug power back in?

Also, when I go into Plume app I see no statistics under data usage for 24 hrs, 7 days, last 30 days. I understand the 7 days and 30 days but it should show something for 24 hrs I would think. That is, unless it takes 24hrs for that data to register. When I did the reset it screwed plume up and I had to contact them to reset my account.

Sorry, I’m just not familiar enough with that set up to say. Hopefully somebody who knows more will chime in. :thinking: