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Heya, thanks for helping.
My issue, I’m bit confused, got my SmartThings WiFi 2019(hub) and connecting it to my home network(currently using Asus WIFI router). When SmartThings WiFi asks me about add/create WIFI network, does it want to connect to my existing WIFI network or it wants to create a new one for ZigBee devices?

I’m not aware of any hub model that has “2019” in the name.

Assuming that the one you got is the “Samsung smartthings Wi-Fi hub,” model ET-WV525, this one:

Then that hub is itself a Wi-Fi router. So it is trying to set up its own Wi-Fi network.

It can be used with a different Wi-Fi router but you have to set up a bridge mode, and I personally don’t know how to do that with that device. Support can help you.


Regardless of the model, you will not get a message about setting up a Wi-Fi network with regard to setting up a zigbee network. Setting up the zigbee network happens automatically.

I cant recall the exact model, but it is “Samsung SmartThings WiFi”.
Ok yes, thanks for clarification. Is it possible to disable WiFi? as Ethernet required anyway and the hub seating just 10cm away from my router, not sure what it will bridge then.

If you don’t value the WiFi part, you may want to return it and get a Smartthings v2 (older model) hub. That older hub will have battery backup and a wired connection to your existing router (which the new hub doesn’t have). On the other hand, the box you have is both a ST hub and a wifi mesh router. If you plan to expand your wifi (because you have dead spots or whatever), keep what you have and when the ASUS router gives up, use the Samsung.

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It is not so simple. The “Samsung SmartThings WiFi” is the first product introduced in Oceania market (Australia/New Zealand). We simply do not have older models :slightly_smiling_face:
I just checked my settings and I was able to use my home wifi and looks like the hub is acting as a bridge.
Now I have to think how to lay a ethernet cable to move the hub to a proper place in my house.