How can I delete custom modes?

Is there a way to track the associated items to a mode? I am trying to delete couple custom modes that I am no longer needed. I keep getting the message “[mode name] could not be deleted”. I already tried to locate all the actions or webcore code that use those modes. I don’t know if there is anything I still miss to check. I just can’t delete the modes. Please let me know if there is another way I can force delete them or a way I can find out anything associate with the modes. Thank you very much.

I don’t know of a trick.

But you may find checking all your SmartApps a little quicker by using the IDE.

The installed SmartApps are listed under your location under My Locations at

Click on each SmartApp for details - I hope it shows “Mode” somewhere prominently. I don’t use Mode filtering so not sure.

That’s how I do. The only way to create/delete modes is via ide unless there is a function in the mobile apps I don’t know.

I finally made it work. It might be a ST bug. I found out one of smartApp (Ready for rain) has a set for specific mode(s). However, those modes are not my custom modes. I deselected the modes I used in the smartapp then I would be able to delete my custom modes. For some reasons, even the modes are not used for the smartapp, those modes are still in part of the logic in the backend unless we don’t include checking mode.

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