Trouble deleting Location Modes as part of Groovy cleanup

HI all,

I used to use Location Modes for automations (specifically STHM), have since stopped using them and deleted from all apps.

I am having trouble now deleting the Location Modes as part of my cleanup for the Groovy sunset.

I had three, I was able to delete two in the IDE. The third would not delete (returns an error when I try), presumably because I was set to that mode currently?

When I access in the app (iOS), all three are still there.

I can live with having at least one mode if it’s required, but I’m not sure why all three still show in the app.

Any ideas?


I believe there are three default location modes that every account will have: Home, Away, and Night. Unless something has changed. :thinking:

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AFAIK this is expected behavior.

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Thanks, though I’m still puzzled by the inconsistency between the app and the IDE. IDE now has one mode, app has 3. They are the same mode yes?

Does anyone know how to add or delete modes from the app?

you can’t add or delete Location modes from the app as far as I know… you can only edit the names in the app.

what are you trying to achieve… removing all of your modes? Because i do not believe that is possible.

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Nope, not trying to remove all, trying to align the IDE and the app.

As above, IDE shows one mode:

App shows three modes:
Armed (away)
Armed (stay)

The two “Armed” modes were ones I deleted in the IDE, but they remain and can be selected in the app.

I want both the IDE and the app to show one mode - Home.

I believe he removed the location modes in IDE. I don’t believe STHM security modes are in IDE.

I bet if he opens Manage Location in the app and clicks on the location mode field, he will only see one mode listed there. (totally different from the security modes as pointed out above)


This is correct. I was using the location modes for STHM (instead of virtual switches) at one point, and I named them to match the STHM modes.

As a test, I just went in to the location modes in the IDE and renamed the remaining “Home” mode to “Test”.

Now the app shows “Test” instead of “Home”.

I also added and deleted two more modes in the IDE just now and they still show up in the app.

So apparently you must be careful what modes you create in the IDE as they are now ever-lasting. And once the IDE goes away, it sounds like there will be no way to create or delete them again.

screenshots to make sure we are taking about the same stuff

you can change location mode… you can’t change security modes (to my knowledge):slight_smile:

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Modes as listed in the IDE currently:

that is location mode… that you can change

security modes are separate and can’t be removed, edited, renamed

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Modes as listed in the app:

All are location modes and not security modes. I’ve named the modes myself. IDE and app do not match. Deleting in IDE does not delete in app.

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you only have one location?

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Yes - just “Home”.

force quit your ST app and then check again

Done multiple times. Still showing. The mode name change takes place immediately without force closing.

I’ve contacted Support, and they’ve asked me to “send a screenshot of the error when connecting to the TV”. And they wanted to know “model and serial number of the device”. WTF, seriously? What TV? And what device? I remember when there was a time support actually had technical skills and could resolve something like this before the day was out.

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most unusual. not sure if there is a sync issue with your account, something from the upcoming migration or the attempt to remove all the location modes. Only support will be able to assist at this point.

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Doubtful based on the above, but we will see. :wink:

OK, I’m back to “ the IDE is an unreliable source of information at this point. “:thinking:

As for the response from support, most likely they ran a database search and the first thing that came up on their script was television modes. :confounded:

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