How can I check if Phillips Hue Motion Sensor model 570977 works with ST?

The only threads I can find on the Hue Motion Sensor are old and none that reference model 570977.

How can I check if it is compatible and if it is, how can I install the edge driver?
When I try and access my ST account, I get this:

are you using any ad blocker extensions in your browser ?


That was exactly it. Weird. Thanks for the help!!

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announced yesterday:

[New Release] - SmartThings Philips Hue Edge LAN driver now supports additional Hue device types


Thank you jkp, you have been super helpful


For me I have 6 philips hue motion sensor and it works very well just I used this edge driver with samsung station

jkp, to clarify, I just need to buy a Hue motion sensor and it will automatically add now?
So I don’t need to use this one:

The announcement was for connecting your hue bridge/hub to ST by LAN or Matter. You can connect your hue devices to the hue bridge now without needing to directly connect them to ST.

It did not mention directly connected hue devices so I can’t answer your question. Hopefully others can help you.

I dont have a Hue bridge, I was trying to direct connect to ST hub.

Is there any benefit with using a Hue hub instead of joining the Hue motion sensor direct to the ST hub using the edge driver above?

I will answer you as I already have this sensor, regarding connected directly to samsung hub with latest update the answer is NO, this update make the connection through philips hub, for me I don’t have philips hub as no added value will get, I connected the hue motion sensor directly to samsung hub but in this case you have to used the iqunix channel driver and you will get all the control of hue motion sensor…Please check the photo from my samsung hub…if you need any more clarification I will be happy to help you

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There are two potential benefits, but they may not be worth it to most people. :thinking:

  1. if it is connected to a Hue hub, you will get automatic notifications about available firmware upgrades and will be able to easily apply them from the Hue app. But there haven’t been a lot of upgrades for these devices anyway. So that may not be a big deal.

  2. If it is connected to a Hue hub, you will be able to easily use it in multiple Home Automation platforms at the same time. For example, I use mine in both Apple HomeKit and SmartThngs. But if you want that feature, you probably already know that. :sunglasses: and you’ll also be able to use it via matter over bridge if that’s of any value. If you connect directly to a SmartThings Zigbee hub, you will only be able to use it in SmartThings and the SmartThings integrations like the voice assistants.

If you only intend to use it with SmartThings and Alexa/Google Assistant and you aren’t worried about firmware upgrades, then using it directly with a SmartThings hub is probably fine.

Thank you!