How am I supposed to add a Hub in the app?

So I wanted to get started early and check out the app before I got my hub. I setup my account in the app, and set up my location so I could at least move around in the app. I get my hub today, set it up, but there’s no way that I can find to actually now add the Hub after the fact. If I go to add a new device, it says I don’t have a hub connected, but no indication on HOW to actually do this.

I gotta say, this app needs A LOT of work. It’s way to visual, without actually being indicative of what the heck a button does. Stuff also seems to be hidden in the oddest places.

Yep ran into the same problem. The app and initial setup process assumes that you do not have an account. So, if you have already created an account it doesn’t allow you to setup the Hub. Support here is very good, send them an email, and they will help you out.

I managed to figure it out. If you click on the little down arrow on the top left, you’ll get a settings button (gear) in the top right. Click on that, scroll down, and there’ll be an option to add a hub. Hurray!

Good to hear that you have that figured out. I hope you have fun with your new HA equipment

I’m glad you figured it out. For anyone else who happens to set up their account prior to having a hub this article will help you out:

We’re also looking at adding the hub into SmartSetup so you can just add it along with the rest of your devices.

Nice, that’s actually where I kept looking at first.

Yes, I am afraid the UI is not very logical or consistent in it’s work flow. I know you guys will get it straight.