Honeywell thermostat not updating operating state

(Chris) #1

Since the Honeywell TCC Connect integration broke and was later fixed a week or two ago, my Honeywell thermostat device in ST has not been updating it’s operating state. Anyone else seeing this? Any solutions? I had asked this question to support after they fixed the TCC integration but the guy I was talking to stopped responding without answering my question.

The operating state does update if I initiate a change using the ST app (like raising or lowering the setpoint), but if the thermostat turns on by itself the operating state never updates. I have some automations that I’d like to be able to set up to use the operating state if I can get it to update.

Recent Platform Update Broke Parse Method Response/Result (April 2017)
(Daniel Pena) #2

Did you try logging into Honeywell TCC again with the SmartThings app, it sound like that may be the problem


There are reports of a different thermostat failing and of multi channel devices failing, all of which started at about the same time. Eric has identified an issue with response() . Definitely report this to support if you have the problem and you might want to give them the link to the following thread:

The other thermostat that started failing

Even if it’s not that specific problem, it does look like there was a platform change in the last few days.

(Bernie H) #4

My Honeywell connect is broken.
Using Android to add the device, I Get this error:
error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'units' on null object @ line 716

No settings menu comes up during adding it to set the temp unit. Just a blank page and Error bad state. Unable to complete page configuration when I hit next on the blank page. :frowning:

(Chris) #5

I completely removed and re-added the thermostat to ST, still not working correctly. Sent to support.

(Bernie H) #6

I wish I could. Mine is gone now and can’t re ad because of the error. UGH You on IOS?

(Chris) #7

Android. It didn’t give me any issues. I went through the marketplace, things, thermostats, then selected Honeywell wifi 9000. What is support telling you?

(Bernie H) #8

mine is a Lryic round. Wonder if that’s the issue. Was working fine until a couple of weeks ago, but I’m disabled so haven’t been actively working on it… I’ll have to file a ticket.

(Chris) #9

Doesn’t seem like ST is too concerned with this. Here’s the latest response I received.

(Pundit Sharp) #10

Did you ever make any headway on this, @destructure00? I only picked up yesterday that the status isn’t updating properly as you describe in the original thread. It’s pretty piss-poor that what appears to be an official SmartApp isn’t getting appropriate support.

(Chris) #11

Nope, no reply after the last email I received back in April. No change in the operation either. I ended up putting an acceleration sensor on my A/C compressor so I can tell when it’s running. I’d rather have the direct integration but it works reasonably well this way too.

(fireheadman) #12

old thread, but still valid issue… I am trying to run a booster fan from a switch. Supposed to turn it on when the thermostat is in fan/cool/heat mode, but it will not update the running state so booster fan doesn’t come on.

If I hit refresh “sometimes” it will trigger.