Honeywell TCC RTH6580WF works then it stops working

Hi, I have two Honeywell TCC RTH6580WF thermostats. I can add them both into Smartthings, see the temperature, change the temperature, and then setup all of my routines. They work great after all that. But then a couple of days go by and while I can still see the temperature, I can’t change the set points anymore on either one. I get “A network or server error occurred. Try again later”. (This is all in the newest version of the Smartthings app, and the Honeywell TCC app works without issue.)

I had this happen before, so I went and deleted the thermostats, readded them, all happy again, and then a few days later, they’re back to not working. I could deal with deleting and readding the thermostats, if only it didn’t also delete all of my alerts and routines.

Is there anyplace I can find logs on Smartthings talking to Honeywell? I’ve seen this issue popup in the past, though that was with the old Smartthings app, so the resolutions don’t see to still apply. This is at a second house and I like being able to see different temperature schemes when I’m at the house and when I’m not.

Thanks for any help.

Same issue here. Must be an issue on Honeywell’s side because same thing is going on in Google Home

From time to time, I have go to Settings --> Linked Services and log back into Honeywell Home TCC.

My RTH6580 previously had issues with IFTTT and now with ST. It is probably worse than I realize, but I don’t exercise automations as much with lockdowns. To be fair, it could be an ST service issue, since the same thing has happened to my Bond remotes also.

Hey … the tip you gave above about going into Settings --> Linked Services worked for me. I did that and now everything is back to life for at least a couple of days.

Thanks for the tip!

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