Honeywell TCC "Refresh"

Somewhere along the line the SmartThings to Honeywell TCC integration got enough capability to be useful to me.

On setting it up I find a Refresh item in the choices

Does anyone know what that does?

Now we just need to get resumeprogram back!


Would be nice!

I’m not willing to trust control of the setpoints to a multiple-cloud-dependent system.

I’ve got two needs:

  • Keep the modes of my three zones in sync. I’ve got a single heat pump with three zones for air. Getting one zone in cooling mode and others in heating potentially causes odd effects.
  • Being able to change all three zones between cooling, heating, and off with a single tap. I’ve now got scenes set up to do that. Previously I had to go thru at least 9 taps in the TCC app.

If I had a way to resumeprogram, I’d add that to my mode change scenes!

Digging around in the sparse postings here about Honeywell TCC I’m guessing that Refresh is used to force SmartThings to query the thermostats for current settings.

Does anyone know how often that is done automatically?

That’s correct. It forces a polling of the thermostat.

The automatic refreshing is hours, IIRC. It’s long enough that I set up refresh routines to trigger on various things like motion, disarming, etc.

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Thanks, Bryan

I’m not planning to automate thermostats and will continue to rely on the TCC app for current state.

But I’ll be sprinkling Refresh thru various things to keep ST more or less current. Good idea!

Agreed. I wound up going back to IFTTT for that. It still works there.

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