Automations Not Running on Thermostats

I have a smartthings hub connected to thermostats in my house and I set an automation with a timer that changes the temperature and mode based on time of day.

The app is showing the thermostats connected and the automations enabled. I can change the temp up or down through the app without a problem and confirmed it’s being reflected at the thermostat.

None of the automations are running on some nights and others I get sporadic response. Tonight the second floor was changed by the automation but the first floor was not.

This entire system is useless if I can’t trust the app to communicate with the devices. Has anybody seen this issue or have any experience with it? It’s intermittent and I can’t explain why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn.t

More details could be helpful. What brand and model are the thermostats? How are they connected to SmartThings?

You might consider running the automation 2 or 3 times a few minutes apart. I’ve had to do that with some Z-wave lighting automations.

I have Honeywell WiFi thermostats that are connected to SmartThings via the Honeywell TCC cloud to cloud integration. In my opinion, there are too many things that need to be working for me to trust it for temperature control. My thermostats have built in schedules which retain both heating and cooling setpoints so I use those.

The only thermostat control I do in SmartThings are some scenes that I’m triggering manually to flip them between heating and cooling modes. And I verify the changes happen via the TCC app. It does “miss” sometimes.

The thermostats are all CT-101 connecting via z-wave. These were originally purchased as part of the Iris system from Lowes but they shut down that service.

I did schedule the same routines multiple times (10am, 10:05am) as an experiment so I’ll be able to see later today what the result is.

I wouldn’t mind replacing thermostats if I could be sure the system works as expected. I’m just not confident that this is perfected tech yet.

Same for me on this. The 2 RTH6580WF Honeywell Thermostats I have work great for me, when they do. It’s been ok recently, but last winter/summer, it always seemed like their app worked, but Smartthings would be unable to connect for 24-48hrs at a time. I think basically the gateway they had between their GoogleHome/Smartthings API to their custom API was total crap. It seems to have been better this fall/winter though.

Lately though they’re worked well for me at our vacation home. Temperatures change throughout the day and depending on if I’m at the house or not.

Agree! I’ve kept an eye on some of the Smart Apps discussed here. Your Z-wave thermostats may be a better fit with those than my Honeywells.

But I think all of those will become obsolete when the Groovy platform is retired.

I’m going to hang on with old tech onboard schedules and see what the next year brings. Between the Matter standard and all the flux at SmartThings it could be a while new smart home universe in a year or two.

I also have CT-101s upstairs and downstairs. My automations have worked seamlessly for years but recently became sporadic.

I have scenes that set temps for morning, at work, afternoon, evening, and night. The scenes work. But where they are embedded in an automation they are sporadic.