Honeywell/Resideo T6 thermostat - refresh question

Hello there, community!

I have Honeywell/Resideo Lyric T6 thermostat. Since few months, around the time Honeywell’s thermostat changed to Resideo, the “Refresh” command has disappeared from Smartthings. This has caused Smartthings not to obtain the proper reading of the temperature from the device, making the thermostat practically useless to automations. I am sure other Honeywell/Resideo users have faced the same.

I hope, there is somebody who has found solution / knows how to obtain the proper temperature reading from the thermostat.

Thanks a lot to everybody with an idea!!! :slight_smile:

I have a couple Honeywell Prestige thermostats. Not exactly the same thermostat, but they also connect through the cloud Residio connection.

When you say refresh “disappeared”, where did it disappear from? I’m guessing you were running some automation to regularly refresh the thermostat and you can no longer see that as an action.

I’m asking because I use the SharpTools Rule engine to run an automation to regularly refresh the thermostat, and for me, “refresh” is still exposed and working properly.

Hello Bryan,

Thank you for the reply! It has disappeared from the list of actions while creating an automation -
Currently one can set:

  • “Heating Temperature”
  • “Fan” - Turn on/auto/circulate etc.
  • “Thermostat mode” - Heat or Off

There used to be an option named “Refresh” in the past. Perhaps I can explore the SharpTools Rule that you are referring to - thank you for sharing that it has been working properly for you.

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I have a different Honeywell TCC thermostat that connects the same way. It rarely updates. I used to use it for automation but had to stop. I tried removing and reconnecting it, but the problem did not improve. I have basically given up for now.


This is been a known issue for a while. The simple solution is to run an automation that will send a “Refresh” command to the thermostat. The native ST automatons won’t send a refresh, but that capability is still exposed.

I send my refreshes based on motion and other events, but you can just as easily do it on an interval using the SharpTools Rule Engine.

Well, here goes nothing :slight_smile:

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I doubt this will work because I want a 5-15 min refresh cycle, even overnight. I have routines that rely on device mode (heat/cool) and interior temperature to work and they require frequent refreshes.

I use SharpTools to refresh my T5 thermostat every 5 min. It works well.

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So instead of using motion event, you can set a rule to run a loop at whatever increment you want using a variable as a trigger, coupled with a delay. The post from Terri in the Sharptools Community describes what I’m referring to.

I have the variable running now and it seems to be working. I currently have it on a 5 minute loop.

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Seems like this is THE Solution! So far, so good!

Thanks Bryan! Kudos sir.

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To close out this solution, here is what I came up with. It uses one variable and two rules:


Rule 1 sets the status of a variable. I currently have it set to 5 minute (300 seconds) cycles.

After saving the rule, resave the variable with the state true. This will begin triggering the rule.

Rule 2 asks for the refresh. Every time the variable cycles to False, the refresh is requested.

FYI, you can put the thermostat refresh command in the first rule above the delay. No need for two rules if you do that.

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Unfortunately, Sharptools is a paid service. I’m looking for a way to have ST refresh my thermostat readings at no cost.

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SharpTools’ free plan includes automations. You won’t need the paid plan to simply refresh the thermostat with a rule. You can’t use a variable for a loop, but you can trigger on other events, such as motion, etc.


Hi, did you figure it out?
Facing the same problem :frowning: So frustrating, what a useless integration from ST & Residio if it doesn’t actually work.

any ideas what trigger to use if the building is unoccupied and there is no motion at night.

I would trigger on time(s), daily.

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Well, why I didn’t think of that :sweat_smile:
Thank you!

Now I have to figure out how to do that :slight_smile:

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