Help?! Schedule total connect comfort wifi 9000

Help!? I have smartthings running the schedule for my thermostat but for the life of me I can find in smartthings where to adjust the schedule. I can see and control the thermostat but where the heck is the schedule?

The SmartThings/TCC integration is … weak.

About the only thing useful I’ve come up with is to change modes on my three thermostats with a single manual routine.

You’ll need to use the TCC or Resideo app to edit the schedule for the thermostat(s). Or, maybe, use timed Routines in place of the schedule.

As a sidenote, since we lost the resumeschedule function through Smartthings, I now do it through Alexa. I’ve created a virtual switch that turns on and off with Alexa. When I leave my house, there’s a SmartThings routine which will set the thermostat to a certain temperature. (Although it’s a temporary hold until the next scheduled change; they used to be permanent holds)

Then when I come home, the “resume program virtual switch” through Alexa will resume the thermostat schedule.

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Nice! Are there any other things that Alexa integration can do which ST cannot?

There are a bunch of things that are lacking in the SmartThings cloud-to-cloud integration with TCC.

  1. Temperature refreshes only every 24 hours. There is a refresh command but it’s no longer available in Routines.
  2. No ability to select between temporary and permanent hold
  3. No ability to resume schedule
  4. No ability to set fan mode to “follow schedule”. This is also missing from the Resideo app but is in the TCC app.
  5. No ability to alter on-thermostat schedule

You can use the free tier of SharpTools to do an automatic refresh on what ever frequency you want.

Thanks! But you shouldn’t have to go to a third party tool when the integration includes the necessary command.

While the fan mode setting to follow the schedule isn’t available as a separate command (which, I guess prevents it from being available in a Routine), it is one of the possible options for the setThermostatFanMode command.