Honeywell TCC (Connect) not working as expected

Add me to this list as well :frowning_face:

Which model thermostat do you have?

I have 3 wireless Econnect Tstat for electical base board heat. They have redlink, and i also have the Redlink wifi hub. I had been using the TCC as that is where my account is…let me know if you need more details

I should note that i tried changing the device driver from Honeywell TCC device to Honeywell TCC 8000/9000 Thermostat device. It keeps revering it back to the TCC8000/9000 device type

Ah ok. I would have to double check but I am pretty certain the Redlinks aren’t fully compatible with SmartThings as they haven’t gone through our certification process.

They have been working fine for the last year, and I just happen to notice today that it wasn’t, so i am not sure when this actually stopped working. I am using IFTTT as a temp fix, so hopefully it gets fixed!

appears to still be an issue… I can’t seem to get my booster fan to turn on since the operating state in the thermostat will not auto update to cooling/heating or show the fan is on. Pain in the butt for now…

If I click refresh/update, everything works… sigh.


My Honeywell TCC Wi-Fi thermostat would accept my temperature adjustments from the TCC Honeywell App (and even the wall mounted thermostat) but they would change to something else about 5-minutes later on the app and the actual Honeywell wall mounted thermostat. I’ve found it easier to use the TCC Honeywell app as opposed to the ST thermostat app. Since I haven’t been using the ST thermostat app that was installed on my ST hub and I didn’t think to check that.

After a long call with Honeywell support, we discovered that the SmartThings app was competing with the TCC Honeywell app so the tech guy removed ST app’s access to my thermostat. This resolved my issue.
I don’t mind only using the TCC Honeywell app for the time being. If it becomes necessary for me to add the thermostat back to ST hub, then I will disable the TCC Honeywell app from my smartphone and only use the ST app. I guess you can’t have both.

Did Honeywell support indicate how they are competing? I use both SmartThings and the TCC app without issue.

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Not specifically. I’ll do my best to explain although I sometimes put too much detail in my explanations…
He said that the SmartThings Thermostat app had permission to access the TCC Honeywell app and they both had a separate cooling schedules. Before contacting him, if the house was too warm, I would make an input on the thermostat itself or my TCC Honeywell app to cool the house down a few degrees. It always responded to my input but after 5-minutes, it would always go back to a different temperature. It appears that the ST app temperature schedule always override the TCC Honeywell app if they both have customized daily schedules that are different.
He removed the ST permission from my TCC Honeywell thermostat control account. He then had me make a temperature change thru my TCC Honeywell account and he waited for about 10-minutes to see if it would change to something else on it’s own. Fortunately, it stayed on what I commanded and it’s been a few hours now and still doing what I asked of it.
BTW, I remember setting up a cooling schedule on the TCC Honeywell app and then a few weeks later, I added the ST Thermostat app. Over time and without realizing it, they were programmed differently from each other with different temperature schedules for various days. How I did not see a possible conflict is beyond me. I’m not ‘that’ technical of a person but I usually know better that to do something like that.

Ah ok, I understand. Thank you. So there isn’t a technical incompatibility specific to SmartThings and the TCC. This is a general issue of competing automations. You could run into something similar with IFTTT or if you had a routine in the Classic app and a custom automation in the new app.

As @Brad_ST said, you’re just seeing the results of the two automations overwriting each other.

Most likely the Smart App is set up to check the temperature every few minutes to enforce the settings you made there. That is probably an option you can disable.

The Honeywell TCC app (which I have and use exclusively) just sends commands to the thermostats when you hit SUBMIT. It won’t continuously check and change settings. If you set up schedules for your Honeywell thermostats using the app, those are sent to the thermostats which then run the schedule without needing anything from the Honeywell app or cloud.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using both the Honeywell TCC app AND a SmartThings app, you’ve just got to be sure you understand what will cause each one to take action.

If you decide to go with just a SmartThings app, you’ll probably want to delete any schedules you’ve set up on the thermostats. But there’s no need to delete the Honeywell TCC app. It makes a good, independent method of verifying that the SmartThings app is doing what you want.

There are a couple of things I’d like to program via a SmartThings app someday:

  • Heat/Cool mode change based on … something
  • Setting the thermostats to Vacation Mode when we’re traveling.

Other than that, I’m happy to let the temperature control run via schedules on the thermostats so there is no dependency on various clouds.

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