Anyone with experience with Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat?

This one in particular:

I’ve seen some posts on the forum here that a few people have managed to get Honeywell smart thermostats connected, but its not super clear if all models are supported, and there seem to be a LOT of different honeywell wifi models out there.

This post seems like the most promising, but I don’t have my SmartThings hub yet, so I’m not super familiar with the custom code mechanics.

I was just curious if anyone has tried and can report that its definitely do-able? I’m debating between this thermostat and Nest, and smart things compatibility is really important to me. The nest reviews on Amazon make me a little nervous…lots of people seem to have problems. My biggest worry with Nest is the +/- 3 degree temp swings that most people seem to hate.

EDIT/Update: I’m now looking at the Ecobee3, and boy does it look nice. Anyone had experience with Ecobee3 vs Nest vs Honeywell Wifi? I’d be interested in feedback on any of the 3 :), but at this point, I think i’ve changed my mind, yet again, to Ecobee3.

I have had both and far and away Ecobee beats the Honeywell WIFi. Honeywell repeatedly breaks the unofficially supported integration. If you want it to work with SmartThings stick with the Ecobee as far as WiFi stats go. There are other options. You could get a dumb zwave or zigbee thermostat and rely completely on ST for control.

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Awesome, thank you @jodyalbritton – I’m heavily leaning toward Ecobee3 at this point. Did some reading of reviews over on amazon, and the ability to integrate with ST is great news. Also, the concept of more than 1 sensor location sounds REALLY interesting. My house is going to have 2 zones (zone dampening) so I’ll need 2 of these thermostats. I want to make sure the one I get is great :D.

Thanks again for the feedback, its kind of what I was hoping to hear.

I am using Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat . Installation was very easy following the enclosed instructions. Downloaded the app and set up my account, set my preferences and it’s good to go. I knew about the C wire from reading reviews so I was ready to run another wire rather than use the alternate instructions. If it doesn’t break after a few months, I’m extremely happy with this thermostat. I love the display and find it very easy to use. So far no issues with internet connection. My only concern after installing it was that it put out quite a bit of light in the hallway outside my bedroom, too much for my preference when sleeping. I got out the instruction book and there is a function to set the amount of backlight when not in use. Dropped it down to “2” and now it’s perfect. Signed up for the electric company rebate and that makes this purchase almost free.