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Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat

(Bernie H) #64

Why can’t you it’s a public integration? On a public board.

(Dan P Parker) #65

Sorry, but I can’t make heads or tails of that.

He also said that although that was the original intent that they might not make that schedule. See, that’s an update…and no minds lost.

And yet, here they are…talking about it.


This is extremely helpful. Thank you very much.

I don’t need more info than this, and I wasn’t trying to start stuff just to be difficult. I wasn’t happy with the 5 months of radio silence, and with the dismissive tone following. But I can be reasonable… I don’t need every detail, and I’m not pull out the pitchfork if you miss your timeline by a week or a month. I just wanted some reasonable communication, and this is exactly that.

Thank you for the update.


Does anyone have a honeywell T6r?
just wondering if you lot think the integration will come at the same time as the t5? is this just something that affects the uk or is the us as well? i hope it is resolved soon.

(Nag) #68

I am desperately waiting for Honeywell Lyric T5 Thermostat support in ST.
We are about to cross 1st of 2017. Not sure of how long the wait is going to be:grinning:

(Brad Clark) #69

I appreciate the fact you guys at ST are saying it’s in the works at least. I have a T6 Pro and hoping the API is the same for that model as well and it’s supported. This model does work with HomeKit, but I can’t do all the fun things there that I can with ST. I’m hoping to build some Core pistons for this to handle Mode switching between Heat and Cool, better handling of Presence, high/low thresholds for temperature, the ability to determine temperature based on other sensors in my home, knowing when doors/windows are opened to automatically turn off the system, etc.

(Brad Clark) #70

Whenever the weather is nice the first thing that opens up is our slider door to the back yard and I have a ST Multisensor on that door. Normally I am turning off the thermostat downstairs and then going upstairs and turning off the other thermostat for the upstairs. If I had a way of checking to see if the door has been open for more than 15 minutes to turn off the system at all thermostats. Then turn it back on when I know that the door had been closed for more than 15 minutes. I have many ideas of things I can build, I just need the integration working. Hopefully soon. Thanks guys!

(Bernie H) #71

There is an ST app. Thermostat Director that works great for this. Shuts off my Nest A/C or heat is a door or window is open for more than 5 minutes and turns things back on when closed. So once they get the T5 integrated it should work fine with it.

(Robert Rae) #72

I hate to ask this question given how this has been a charged topic over the last six months, but I will :smile:

Is there any update on the T5 integration? The last update on May 10 said 1st half, but could go over a little bit. Does this estimate still fit? Any additional info available now that it is July 14 (2 months later)?


(Bernie H) #73

I sold mine, new in the box because it was never was integrated. Took a loss. :frowning:

(Robert Rae) #74

I installed 3 for a large house – I am a little more committed. Love to see this work so I can finish my project.

(Justin L Allison) #75

I’m with you - I’ve got 2 and have been using them mostly by integration with IFTTT

(Robert Rae) #76

Checking again, any update on the release of an integration directly between SmartThings and Lyric T5?

(Eric Kohlmann) #77

Just received an email from Honeywell touting the compatibility with IFTTT and my Honeywell Lyric.

This is the site they link:

Under the Partners page for Honeywell, SmartThings compatibility now specifically mentions “Lyric Round”.

At least in Honeywell’s eyes we may not be seeing this integration happen. :frowning:

(Brian) #78

I too have been waiting for this, I purchased this device a couple months ago under the pretense that it would be compatible. So I want to know if it any compatibility has been implemented.


@csuk @Tyler Can we please get an update on this integration? Several others have asked over the past few months, it’s not just me wanting an answer.

We’re now 2 months past the end of “the first half of 2017”. If it’s running behind then that’s fine with me, understand how these things go, just would appreciate some kind of an update. Thank you.

(Chris) #80

Hey phil5,

I’m sorry to say that there hasn’t been any forward progress on the Honeywell Integration, but what I can do is shed some light on why.

We have two paths we can go with the development of this integration, but one of these paths is dependent on… other factors. Until we know for sure how we are going to move forward with the integration, the decision has been made to not proceed with development.

I know that’s not great news. I’m shaking some trees on our side to see what I can do, but I have no ETA for the integration at this time and we have to recommend using IFTTT.



Thanks for the reply. Is there any update on this (which of the two paths will be taken, and when development might begin)?

Also - can you shed some light as to how we can use IFTTT to integrate the two? It’s not something I’m familiar with.


I think it is a reasonable assumption that Honeywell is not pursuing integration of the T5 with ST. They have a new Z-wave thermostat for $88 on Amazon. The T5 app and Honeywell support of it are sad to say the least. I worked with Honeywell for 4 hours to get my T5 up and running. Their tech support finally informed me I cannot have any punctuation in my router password. That got the thing on line. I use Google Home to perform all the functions I need with voice. The Honeywell app provides geo fencing. Google Home tells the T5 that I’ve left the house and it automatically adjusts the setting as specified. I realize some folks want complicated integration with door or window sensors, or different settings for different people triggered by presence sensors;, but I’m fine with it

Would I buy another T5? Heck, no! Would I recommend it? Nope!

Phil, you asked about IFTTT. It is a website, service, app and repository for thousands of devices. There are applets (short programs) written for thousands of devices. You should check it out. It’s free.


Thanks for the info. One question about IFTTT for the novice - can I set it to switch Lyric to “Away Mode” when SmartThings performs “Goodbye”?

I’m not looking for anything fancy with window sensors etc. My issue is that Lyric is always screwing up our location (either updating several hours after we leave / return to home, or sometimes not updating at all). SmartThings, on the other hand, does a pretty good job with our location. That’s the primary thing I’m looking for out of this integration - just for the Lyric to know whether we’re home or not. Is that something I can accomplish via IFTTT? Again, sorry for limited knowledge with this.