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Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat


The Lyric app itself can determine when you are home or not. In the Lyric app, you turn on geofencing and it shows you a radius around your location that you can adjust. Once the device with the app installed leaves that area, the thermostat goes into “away” mode. Or, you can just write a schedule for when you are home or away.

I’m not sure how it would work if the Lyric app was installed onto a tablet or other device that you leave at home. I tried to install the Lyric app onto an Android tablet, and the Google Play store tells me it is not compatible with my device, although it exceeds the requirements listed on the Honeywell site.

I did look into IFTTT and it allows an applet to be written starting with the Smartthings presence sensor (probably your phone, or one of those arrival sensors). If presence is no no longer detected, you can only do two things with the Lyric. 1. Set the temp to a specific degree (which you can speak if using Alexa or Google Home). 2. Toggle the fan mode from auto to on or back again. So, there are not many options on the Honeywell side.

(WideSmiler) #85

Can we get an update on this? It is long past the beginning of 2017 :slight_smile:


Typical ST garbage. Installed 2 of the t5 in my house and like everything else its like pulling teeth to get to work. I’ve wasted so much money on ST products the security is pure garbage but I put up with it because I’m invested over $1200 in sensors. Now I buy 2 lyric thermostats and they don’t connect. Why put them in your app list of devices to connect if they don’t work. Biggest mystery is presence sensors always working like carp when it is a Samsung product. My wife’s s6 even has connection issues with presence sensors. My LG has no problems. In starting to realise Samsung has turned into Apple and like to pretend everything not working is someone else’s problem. I will actively start telling everyone not to purchase until I see change. Wish I could return all this carp mounted in my house

(Dan P Parker) #87

Well, that certainly sounds fishy.

The Lyric Round thermostat is listed in the app as a supported thermostat. The Lyric T5 is not. The app even displays a pic of the Round, which looks nothing like the T5, which is most definitely not round in shape. This thread is also a pretty big hint (and by “hint” I mean “explicit warning spelled out in big, bold neon type”) that the T5 is not yet supported by ST.

How exactly is a phone supposed to “connect” to presence sensors?

(Kurt Jones) #88

I find this very interesting when I chatted with Honeywell CS today.

Honeywell Support
I feel for you I to am upset that Smart things has not been proactive in getting the T5 supported. Honeywell has given them full API access and still waiting on them to code it to work.


very interesting. So it appears the delay is not on Honeywell’s side…

@csuk , are you able to shed any light on this? In your last post which was about 4 months ago you said there were 2 possible paths, and which path ST would pursue depended on other factors. Any update on this? I realize you may not be able to disclose what the factors are, and that’s fine, but any update on progress or ETA would be appreciated. Unfortunately IFTTT is pretty limited in this regard, and knowing Honeywell has given ST access and that there is obviously demand among ST customers for this integration, would really appreciate any new info.

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And to @csuk - No big deal if it’s taking longer than planned. An update would be nice though as things progress.

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This whole thread is sad…


This whole thread is sad…

Couldn’t agree more - some users are acting like former bosses I fired from my life, and Samsung, while they may be in an impossible position, are not being responsive to their customers.

For me, it sucks, but it’s not a deal-breaker. My T6 Pro came with my HVAC system, so I didn’t buy it with the intent to integrate with ST. Looks like it’s going up on eBay and I’m buying an Ecobee instead. Problem solved.

(Jeffrey Whitler) #93

WOW! Knew that had done some updating, so tried again to add my Lyric T5 for the heck of it and it WORKED!! Now shows up in my things and am able to control it, no problem! Now to integrate it into my automation! Very Pleased!:joy::joy::joy:


@jwhitler how did you get it to work? When I go into “add things” and choose thermostats, I don’t see Lyric T5 as an option. Do you? I only see Lyric Round and a few other thermostats, but no Lyric T5.


Worked for me as well. @phil5 just add like you’re going to add a round - my T6 Pro popped right in.

(Jeffrey Whitler) #96

@phil5 … just continue through as if it were the round, yours should show up as the choice in the final steps,mine did

(Bernie H) #97

Saw this and my round one has never been able to connect after I deleted it a while back. Tried it today and sure enough it works again.

(Ryan) #98

Mine just worked as well!! :grin:


mine worked also, thanks all!

(Kurt Jones) #100

YES!!! I can confirm it worked for my T5’s.

(Tim Yuhl) #101

Yup, just added my T5 and it seems to be working fine. :I’m glad that I checked this thread to see if there were any updates.:grin:

Update: NOPE, NOT WORKING! I just tried to change the heating setpoint on my T5 and it failed. I got into the IDE and turned on live logging. I see an error being thrown when the alterSetpoint() routine is being called. I don’t know what else may be broken or whether it’s just a T5 bug, but this is a deal breaker for me. :frowning_face:

(Brad) #102

This is a result of updating the API version being utilized but unfortunately the T5 and T6 are still not officially certified with SmartThings.


Yet? :thinking: