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Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostat

(Jonathan) #41

Hmmm. Wonder why it’s pulling so much battery for you? It’s mostly cloud based. Are you using location based features?

(Dan Hoffard) #42

It’s a known issue with the way it obtains location. I set it to deny location requests and that seems to have fixed the problem.

(Dan Hoffard) #43

I have been able to (mostly) integrate my Lyric T5 with ST using IFTTT and CoRE (I ditched Stringify).

I set up a CoRE piston to more or less act as a thermostat (within CoRE, I have access to presence, temp readings throughout the house, etc). I created 4 virtual switches that CoRE sets based on the rules I defined. These switches are monitored by IFTTT. When they toggle from off to on, IFTTT sends the appropriate command to the thermostat depending on which switch changed.

Limitation 1:
IFTTT unfortunately does not support changing of thermostat modes (off/heat/cool). It will only allow you to change the “heating temperature to permanent hold” and “cooling temperature to permanent hold”. The thermostat needs to be in the proper mode (e.g., if the thermostat is in heat mode and you try to set the cooling temperature, the command is ignored). To get around this, I set up the following virtual switches, which are set by CoRE depending on how I want to command the thermostat. These switches are monitored by IFTTT:

a. Set Heat Low (If in heat mode, this command tells the thermostat to set the temp lower - ex. if nobody is in the house, etc).
b. Set Heat Normal (If in heat mode, set the thermostat to the normal heating temp - e.g. when people are present)
c. Set Cool High (If in cool mode, set high - ex. if nobody is in the house, etc)
d. Set Cool Normal (If in cool mode, set the thermostat to the normal cooling temp - e.g. when people are present)

CoRE determines if the thermostat is in heating or cooling mode based on the time of year and temp in the house. It then restricts output to either a and b or c and d appropriately.

Limitation 2:
Since there is no way that I know of to send an integer value from ST to IFTTT, you need to pre-define what you want the “normal” heating and cooling temps to be and the “high/low” temps to be within IFTTT. So you have 4 IFTTT triggers, one for each of a,b,c,d above, which have pre-defined temperatures.

Limitation 3:
There is no way to report back from the thermostat that the temp was changed manually, so depending on how often your CoRE piston runs, you will likely “override” any changes made by people setting the actual thermostat from time to time. I have mine set to run less often if presence is detected within the house.

This is just a first cut at a solution… If anyone has any suggestions or questions I’d like to hear them.


Hi Phil,

As I said before, I cannot provide you an update on this one. Threatening me and my staff with “things getting ugly” certainly doesn’t help your case.


Maybe it would help if you explained why you cannot provide an update. Do you not have a phone? An email account? You’re telling me there’s no way you could email the project manager in charge of this and tell us what’s going on?

More importantly…do you not think that the 20+ of us that were told “early 2017” months ago and have been posting and asking about this deserve a better answer that “no update”?


That’s me, and I’m telling you that I can’t provide you an update. Best of luck.

(Ryan) #48

Wow, I’d say this is an extremely poor way to run a project or a company. I have always understood these forums to be a place where we could share information in a cooperative and respectful way, for the betterment of the product and platform. Being snide back to your customers, regardless of what feedback is given, is grounds for a reprimand every place I have ever been employed. I’ll definitely think twice about furthering my ST integrations. It’s really too bad, other people on other threads get very favorable updates from the company and excellent customer service.

(Dan P Parker) #49

I agree that the “before things get ugly” remark was unnecessary and a little over-the-top…but I also have to say that the approach and general attitude taken by ST staff in this thread is approaching United Airlines levels of customer service.

(Tim Slagle) #52

Hey, guys, spamming users isn’t cool and something we want to avoid.

We don’t care what you say about our staff and us, but spamming individual users isn’t something we want to condone.

@phil5, I marked your posts above so you could change them to remove any tags for individual users. Let’s keep this as a conversation.

As a side note, one thing you have to remember is sometimes we are contractually obligated not to say anything about the future of integrations, I wish that weren’t the case, but sometimes it is. That’s the nature of doing business with multi-million dollar companies, unfortunately.


This wasn’t intended as spam. These are not random users - these are all users who have previously commented on this thread, and have an interest in the ST / Lyric T5 integration. The reason I tagged them is I thought they would want to know the latest. That’s all, it’s not intended as spam.

(Dan P Parker) #54

That is a perfectly understandable situation, and exactly what the response should have been when all of this first started (as opposed to the “Good luck” blow-off). It is also the sort of thing that you always know can happen, and is precisely why…

…is a statement that never should have been made to begin with. When statements like that are made customers will…wisely or not…make purchasing decisions based on them. And if/when things don’t go according to plan those same customers expect (quite rightly) to be given some sort of feedback, even if it amounts to nothing more than what you just said above…along with a simple, “Our apologies” (seriously, little niceties like that go a long way, however canned they might be).

I do agree that the spamming above was inappropriate, and doesn’t help his case any.

(Ryan) #55

Thanks for actually giving us a bit more information, it is much appreciated. It seems to me that if we were told this months ago - ‘sometimes we are contractually obligated not to say anything about the future of integrations’ - that probably would have made a huge difference in the jaded opinion of ST that I’m presuming a lot of us on this thread now have. Just my two cents.

(Bernie H) #56

People seem to missing that if someone says they can’t say there is a reason. I beta test as a hobby and a NDA locks you into saying nothing and I mean nothing about what you are testing.

So yes I have a t5 sitting in a box deciding whether I will use it or not until it works with ST. On the other hand my Lyric round integration is broken so I’m still not able to use either with ST.

Also things changed. When the integration was posted to today no one but the parties involved know what has transpired. And again thanks to things like NDA’s they can’t say.

(Bernie H) #57

So if they are contractually obligated after the initial or even a few updates we received how can they update you?
See it’s a catch 22.

Seems like plans were set, something changed and when it did parties were told you can’t speak of this or the changes. So it’s impossible to time travel and change the initial posting of plans and also impossible to update us on new ones.

(Ryan) #58

I agree, however, if that was in fact the situation, all they needed to say was that they are governed by an NDA (or some similar language) and can’t speak about it, apologize to their customers for thr situation, and leave it at that. I have also been in this situation, and while it does limit what you can speak to, it doesn’t justify the response we received. All I’m saying is that it could have been done much more elegantly, that’s all.

(Chris) #59

I apologize for the disservice of saying “the first part of 2017”. That has always meant the first half of 2017 and it’s on me for leaving the time frame up to interpretation.

We have not cancelled the integration, but as Tyler mentioned we cannot provide an update at this time.

First half of 2017 is still the goal, but please bare with us if the integration runs behind schedule a little bit.

(Bernie H) #60

But having a NDA means you can’t mention the NDA in a lot of cases because you agreed to no mention what you’re doing. Again catch 22. :slight_smile:

(Dan P Parker) #61

No, no one has missed that at all. In fact it has been discussed extensively, along with demonstrations of the fact that something most certainly can be said, and was…just today.

In precisely the ways that were done today. In fact, see @csuk’s post just a few below yours. He provides some clarification on the originally stated time frame, notice that the integration has not been cancelled and a hint that it might run a little behind schedule. Oh, and what I took to be a heartfelt apology for the situation. Not as much as one might want, but certainly much better than, “I can’t give you any updates. Good luck.”

(Chris) #62

Here’s another Catch-22:

If this forum is a Customer Service channel, then I certainly cannot recommend following @Dan_Hoffard’s method of getting the Lyric T5 working for now. And I certainly shouldn’t link to it.

But on the other hand, community integrations and workarounds are part of what makes SmartThings so special.

(Bernie H) #63

Oh and people have mentioned it the whole reason for the blocked post and such is no new info.

Sorry he said now it should have been the first half when posted originally so if in one month it’s not integrated people will lose their mind again. Point is things changed and they can’t talk about it.

Look companies have to make other companies happy, sometimes they can’t relay that to us why. We need to accept that.

Hopefully sooner or later the T5 will be integrated.