Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Wi-Fi Smart Color

I am getting rid of my nest thermostats and found Honeywell Lyric very reasonably priced. I posted for advice and thru recommendations of @CarlMN (thank you) he has said to stay away and recommended the Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Wi-Fi Smart Color.

Reviews are MUCH better and similar price so I’m very happy. I will be purchasing 5 units so I want to make sure I’m doing my homework before the purchase. Any advice or pros/cons of this unit? It truly seems to fit my needs based on what I’m seeing, just want to be safer than sorry. I am currently using Netgear Orbi for my WiFi needs. This may be important due to this being a WiFi thermostat. Any advice or opinions welcome.

My goal is to be able to control these similar to the best and have sensors through my home to help make my rooms comfortable as well. Thanks so much.

If you want to use remote sensors you may want to look at the ecobee. I’ve had my 9580 for several years and really like it but it can’t natively use remote sensors. Can the 9585 use remote sensors?

According to @CarlMN it can use remote sensors via SmartThings. It cannot use them natively similar to your suggestion. @CarlMN, can you verify That the 9585 can use remote sensors? Thanks so much.

The 9580 can use remote sensors via ST too. But, if ST or the internet are down, your remote sensors are more than likely not going to work. And possibly your heat or air will not turn on or shut off when it should. Personally, I’m very cautious about turning my heating and cooling over to something that is completely cloud based. I just want to make sure you understand the limitations of what you are proposing.

are there comparable ecobee units similarly priced? Any links? Thanks

Yes I can confirm to that. In my case I have a 2 zone system so the temperatures are fairly well kept so I don’t need to fine tube it with sensors. I do have a routine for one of our bedrooms reading the temperature of a ST motion sensor on a bedroom a bit far from the thermostat

(see pics).
Almost everything “smart” is cloud based nowadays. Even Smartthings itself won’t work without internet. These Honeywell thermostats retain their current programming even if the internet is down and can also be controlled manually.

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