Honeywell Lyric and Smartthings Hub

Hello all,
Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here it goes.
What are the advantages of being able to link the Lyric with Smartthings Hub?
I have had the Lyric for a little over a year now and am just getting into the Smartthings, maybe this is a dumb questions, but I cannot think of a reason to have the two linked since the Lyric app seems to handle things just fine. Only thing I can think of is having everything in one spot, (all on the smartthings app). Please let this novice know what I am missing.

Integrating “independent” thermostats like Lyric, Ecobee or Nest is mainly so you can make at least some utilization of other sensors. Like, you can use ST motion sensors in remote areas of the house to make sure Nest doesn’t go into “away” mode when you are really still home. Or maybe you can use temperature sensors to create room weightings or temperature averages to base your thermostat decisions on.

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