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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?


You can do this very easily. I just tried it (although not via presence detection)

Just set up a new routine select the ‘set the thermostat action’, select the room/zone you want from the installed thermostats (HR92) and select the temperature, then select ‘automatically perform when…’ and select 'when somebody leaves/arrives)


Thank you. Just been having a play and I think that I have now set it up as you suggest. So I now have 2 routines ‘son out’ and ‘son back’.

But now I want an exception so it does not trigger at night (when he comes in at 3am !!). In the routines there is an additional setting that says ‘don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes’ so I have set it to Night.

BUT this is now where I am struggling to get my head round things with modes and routines.

I have just looked at the support pages but they are not very clear. I would have thought that you could specify what times you want night mode to happen?

Whilst I have typed this I have had another play. So I think what I need to do is set the default Good Morning and Good Night routines to run at a set time (so for example Good Night to run at 11pm and Good Morning to run at 7am) so that will set the mode for created routines to use.

So I think that I have it now sussed.

Hopefully son will go out for a jog shortly to test it.

Now my next project is to see if I can get the house temp to turn down when everyone leaves (easy to do) but to restore the schedule when someone arrives back (probably a lot harder to set up.)


Well, you’re a few steps ahead of me! I am very new to ST…but you may want to have a play with the Rule Machine smartapp because it is a lot more powerful than the built in ‘Routines’ and allows you to set various different conditions…


I am glad it looks like that! I got mine back in October as part of the ‘Insiders testing panel’ but defo haven’t used it to its full potential. Partly down to our house having so many different systems (Evohome, LightwaveRF, Sonos, etc.). I have managed to ignore Rule Machine so far :wink: but think it is time I took a look.

I think Rule Machine is probably a good option for us as the house does not have a regular routine - son work continental shifts, husband is retired and I work 9 to 5ish.


@Aaron Any update on this? :slight_smile:


In the absence of any further guidance…Mavis how are you getting on with the beta test? It all seems to be working well for me although I haven’t been too demanding. The biggest annoyance is that any changes to set point you make become permanent.Have you tested the buttons marked ‘Heat Auto’ and ‘Resume Schedule’? The ‘Heat Auto’ cycles between the quick actions. This would be better if it was seperate controls for each type of quick action. Not sure what ‘resume schedule’ does yet (if not the obvious!)


The permanent thing is the biggest bugbear. I set up a couple of routines for my son’s room (linked to his mobile) but then had to put the thermostat in the good night and good morning routine to get round he permanent problem.

So in other words I have had to control the room totally from Smartthings rather than use the Evohome schedule with SmartThings for small events.

Yes, agree about the quick actions as it takes a bit of time for the button to work so you can’t cycle through quickly.

What I do love though is the log. I can see at a glance when the optimum start or off kicks in.

(Tim Flinders) #69

I noticed the same thing with the permanent changes, has anyone experimented with Rule Machine custom commands to call the resume schedule actions?

I can see ResumeProgram in the commands and the auto command, just haven’t had time to test them if called on a rule.


Yes after playing some more today I see that the ‘resume schedule’ cancels the ‘quick actions’. I have no idea how to call this command within Rule Machine though. I don’t see separate commands for the quick actions either (the ST app UI just shows the toggle button that cycles through them all).

I’m also using smart tiles, and would like to have a tile for each Quick Action and Resume Schedule


I have downloaded Rule Machine but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

(Tim Flinders) #72

You need to use the Expert Features section that allows you to create custom commands which can be used in the rules. The function basically will allow you to show all the commands available on each zone. That is the downside though you will need one for each zone.

The Expert features should be on the first screen of the Rule Machine.


I’ve had a play with the expert features.

Have learnt that the ResumeProgram() command will reset to the schedule (so it will cancel Away mode for example)

Next step is to try to work out how to send the Away command (so that, for example, when.tou leave the house it goes into Away, and when you return you use ProgramResume to cancel Away mode.

But I’m stuck. I don’t know how to configure the parameter to send the Away command

From the IDE logging (see attached pic) I see I need to use the SwitchMode command… But don’t know what parameter to specify. If I just input ‘away’ it doesn’t work.

(Paul Ockenden) #74

Any news on the public release? Is it getting close?

My request to join the Beta was ignored, but I’m chomping at the bit…



Judging by the lack of activity on this thread, I suspect there are very few testers - so I’d ask again!

There are still issues with Authorisation - I’m getting chucked out on a regular basis - so that needs addressing.

Also, don’t get too excited - as you’ll (currently) get better functionality and control from the Honeywell App. The ST integration offers very little.

(Paul Ockenden) #76

I was hoping to be able to use it to turn my zones down when my ST presence detectors had determined that nobody was home. Is that not possible?


Well, yes, I suppose it is in a roundabout way. I have a similar thing set up using Rule Machine - you can increase or decrease the Set Points (by half a degree at a time)

A nicer way of doing it would be to allow ST to switch the mode to Away - or perhaps a Custom mode when you leave, and then cancel it on your return. But I have not been able to do that.

But I need help…and there’s not much around at the mo!

(Paul Ockenden) #78

Can ST not trigger Quick Actions? That’s a bit dumb if not…


Not directly. The app offers a toggle button that cycles through all the modes. You can’t send a specific command to activate a specific mode. A massive limitation in my opinion.

(Paul Ockenden) #80

Sounds like it may have been designed by someone who isn’t actually an Evohome user!



Perhaps - That’s why they need some input from us (and they need to provide some feedback as to what will/might be possible).

I have tried.

But I’m likely to give up before too long - and instead wait for the release and then perhaps some of the community (who are a lot more able than me) might be able to produce some useful device handlers.

However, I suspect the community of Evohome + ST users is going to be very limited though.