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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?

(Paul Ockenden) #41

No response to my email, but I hear that others are up and running (Hi Mavis!).


(Suleman Bhikha) #42

I’ve been accepted into the beta but support is trying to help me setup the app as it doesn’t show up. Once I have it setup will let you guys know how well it works @Aaron could you help with my accounts not picking up the beta element.

(Aaron S) #43

@Suleman.Bhikha - Support (Joe) is following up with you 1-1

@PailOckenden - If the team hasn’t reached out already, it is probably because they are tapped on requests. However, this just means the integration will be infinitely better (although how can we improve on perfection?) when it goes live for you.

(Suleman Bhikha) #44

@Aaron Jo has been fantastic and hopefully I should have it all up and running soon.

(Matt Brain) #45

Boo! I have been waiting for this with baited breath for ages…

I’m not sure why I bother hanging around, I can do far more with IFTTT (and some little scripts) than I can with SmartThings. They have Evohome Support and they have just launched their BMW support which works a treat.

Why does it take so much longer for Samsung (with their deep pockets and huge resources) than IFTTT to get this stuff integrated - or is this more a case of lip service to an IoT strategy rather than embracing it?

(Paul Ockenden) #46

@Aaron - Perhaps someone told them I’m a tech journalist, and they were afraid I’d write nasty things based on a pre-production experience.

(I’d never do that).


(Suleman Bhikha) #47

Hi All. got my evo home up and running with smartthings everything so far is spot on. They are working on adding on more than one EVOHOME unit as we have one per floor.

(Jan-Bart) #48

Hey, can you say a little more about what EVOhome functions are supported? Can you set the temp in different zones for example? If you are under NDA, never mind :slight_smile:

(Tim Flinders) #49

I’ve got it as well and each zone appears as a separate device. Each device zone can be set and the current temperature can be read as well. You can also resume the schedule from the device type as well. The beta definitely seems to work which is great.

(Jan-Bart) #50

Good to know, thanks. I am really looking forward to tying my kids presence (or rather absence) to being able to turn off their radiators :smile:

(Suleman Bhikha) #51

Hi Guys just as @Tim_Flinders said the integration is great however I haven’t manage to test it much as I need another controller to be added. Hopefully one that’s done I can set up smart apps to be used with the individuals rooms

(Declan Murphy) #52

i too have the Evo home by bills have halved it rocks!!!

(Suleman Bhikha) #53

@Aaron Have been using the EVOHOME integration and it works great with modes and routines. However is there any way I can add my additional EVOHOME controller.
can we get access to the code on the developer section.


After realising I was being a bit of a numpty, I now have the beta Evohome/ST integration working too. Just need to work out what I can do with it now!

(Aaron S) #56

this is a new british-ism for me.

@Suleman.Bhikha the short answer is i dont know (which is why we are running the beta to collect real-world feedback). I’ll mention this to the team and see what we can do (as always - no hard promises).


Are we permitted to discuss our experiences relating to the beta test on this forum? (Thought I’d check before doing so)

(Aaron S) #58

Only if it’s good feedback. All the negative feedback is going to be magically addressed before the integration goes live.

In all seriousness, it’s OK to post thoughts on this test (that may not be applicable for all future betas). However, the product team working on the integration is (almost unilaterally) getting feedback based on the emails sent in.


Oh, I asked (by email) if I could start a new post as well as send feedback by email but was told no.

(Aaron S) #60

They were probably right. Let me check and see if we can create an super top secret thread for the beta group.


It would be good to discuss as I need some ideas or direction on how I can get the most out of it (and therefore provide more meaningful feedback).
For instance I have now prised son’s phone out of his hand long enough to get ST set up on it and I would like to operate his radiator by his comings and goings as he works shifts.