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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?


Very glad I read this thread as I was about to buy an Evohome on the understanding that it was supported in SmartThings. Now I see it’s not? What use is the UK supported device list in that case?

(Aaron S) #22

It’s coming. We make some API changes, they make some API changes, eventually we meet in the middle and will get a working integration. We’re are support excited to get Honeywell up and running.

(Richard) #23

@Aaron -any further along? Would like to play with the heating over Christmas?!

(Aaron S) #24

I just realized how badly I butchered the previous post with autocorrect. No promises on timelines, but it’s being worked on

(Matthew Stewart) #25

Will this integrate directly with the evohome or will it be through the internet? As in does my honeywell evohome need to be connected to the internet?

(Matt Brain) #26

I believe it will be a cloud to cloud integration (from previous comments) but it’s been a few months with little progress…

(Tim Flinders) #27

I’ve got a Evohome system and I don’t think it has any local access after scanning it for open network ports.

So I too think it must be a cloud to cloud integration.

(Matthew Stewart) #28

Has anybody heard anything more about when this will be available? It seems to have gone quiet for around 1 month

(Elliot Richman) #29

I have set up evohome, Phillips hue lights and the smartthings hub. I’m really keen to integrate it all so please give us an update on a rough estimation for when evohome will be supported

(Ignacio Arsuaga) #30

I also bought an Evohome system with 13 radiator Thermostats. Do you know when the integration with ST will happen?

(Roy Donaldson) #31

Honeywell just posted in the Automated Home forums that they were just finishing last details just now.


(Ignacio Arsuaga) #32

Thanks for the update! Let’s hope that’s a good sign.

(Aaron S) #33

Can you email and ask about getting included in a potential beta test. No guarantees but they will need the email address associated with your SmartThings account and a box of chocolates (attn: SmartThings Support).

(Roy Donaldson) #34

@Aaron very happy to help if I can. However, I’ve held off on buying a SmartThings hub until it could connect to things such as my EvoHome (a core requirement for me). Would you be able to supply demo hubs to people who are able to Beta this for you ?

I was one of the first EvoHome deployments in the UK and wrote the first python API library to connect to EvoHome.


(Aaron S) #35

Hi Roy,

Thanks for following up. Unfortunately I do not have any to give away :frowning: (and not sure I could if I did). If you check back with me or support@ in 4-6 weeks, we should have better feedback on the integration and hopefully be ready to release it publicly.


(Matt Brain) #36

Holding my hand up for the beta test - have sent an email to support as suggested.

(Tim Flinders) #37

Emailed support as well. Hopefully you got it.


Me too. I have sent an email also.


I am nervous to subject my Evohome system that is working really well to smart things that still on a weekly basis has a glitch.

(Myles Gray) #40

Also sent an email to support, hoping to get in on the beta and test it before they release.