Leak sensor notification doesn't push through to my phone or iPad

My SmartThings leak sensor reports properly to the app on my phone but the notification is not pushed through to my phone or iPad. All setting in the app and on my phone seem ok.

Do you use the response in STHM to push them?

What does that mean?

STHM is SmartThings Home Monitor. It is comprised of three components: Security; Smoke and Leaks. STHM is not available in all regions but if you are in a region where it is supported - you can add it from the Life section of the ST app.

If you choose to install it, you can open it and click on the cog in the upper right. At this point, you can configure the settings for each of the 3 components - which sensors to use and the response for each component. Response allows you to set up: what actions to take; what devices for those actions; using sirens; record video; turn on lights; play audio notifications on your speakers; sending SMS messages (SMS is only available in US); and push notifications.

for leaks… for example, you can have it turn off any valves if a leak is detected; sound your siren; turn on lights in your house (dim or change color); play a message on your speakers; text you; and send you push notifications to all members or select individuals. depending on what is available to you

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STHM was already installed and the leak sensor connected. The cog gives me no options except to pause the monitoring.

Sorry for the confusion… do not click on the enable/disable button. Click on the field name to the left. Click on the Leaks wording.

I have never liked the UI design in certain parts of the app.