Home security camera and alerts

(Yoni Cohen) #1

I have a Synology NAS, which I plan to use to store IP security camera video feeds from around the house exterior.

I’d like to use smarthings as a home security system, alerting me about windows/doors being opened and other critical events. Meanwhile, I’d record video from the IP cameras on the NAS.

The cameras also support motion detection with Synology Surveillance System , but I’m not sure how to integrate the two systems, or if I even should.

Any advice on how I should design the systems?

(Andrew Urman) #2

All the notifications are all simple. Do you know if there are any API’s available with your surveillance system? If it can give out an HTTP Post or something when there is motion then maybe you could capture that information.

(Dave) #3

The current version of Synology’s Surveillance Station offers email, SMS, push (to the Synology mobile app), MSN Messenger (people still use this?), and Skype. The only thing I could think of is using the SMS notification to an online service (Google Voice, RingTo, etc.) and exploring the possibility of using HTTP command with that service.

(Lee) #4

Hi there. I am wrestling with similar integration issue among others. But notifications from Synology Surveilance Station are easy to get if you run DS Finder (the Synology app) on your smart phone. Its paired with the NAS to get quick notifications. You still have to go to DSCam to get the quickest viewing.

My similar problem was how to leave the cameras scheduled to record and notify me whenever I am gone. I thought the easy way was to just leave them all scheduled to record 24/7 but plugged in to a Wemo switch and turned off by default. I first tried to just cut them on when motion was detected by a SmartThings sensor but the cams take a minute or more to come on line and start recording…too long. Now I just turn them on as part of the automated “Goodbye!” whenever I leave. Should receive notifications from both SmartThings and DS Finder if motion cuts on the cams. Anyway, that’s my solution. Hope I understood your issue.