Request: QNAP Surveillance Station Intergration

Hi all,

I’m just looking to see if anyone would be willing to look at an intergraton for the QNAP NAS devices Surveillance Stations?

My NAS records the Camera footage, but would like to have a link or app to either stream from recorded or snapshot on motion? But from the QNAP cam links?


I use the QNAP only as my NAS for my security cams. I haven’t even thought of using it as a streaming feed. I would be fine with it, once we know more about the webcam integration for SmartThings, until then… I am on standby for evaluation.

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bumping this because i just purchased a qnap nas and really would like this functionality also.

Yep, unfortunately, SmartThings has not released a way to stream through the app (yet). I don’t mind helping develop the solution, when the time comes… Just not there yet.

Happy to test too. Seems ideal to log data from devices to a local storage device as insurance against net failure

Hi Guys. Count me in. I’m happy to test.

I like where your heads at! I’d also like to suggest an added functionality. II’d like to access the events and alarms in QNAP as a replacement or alternative to motion sensors. If someone walks into the motion tracking area (including the use of exclusion areas from the camera), then turn on a floodlight on a z-wave switch or front door light.

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Available and happy to test if anyone goes this route. Also interested if anyone has thought of hosting an HTML based tiles web app that could be viewed from a browser and hosted on my QNAP NAS.

any update on this? also got QNAP server last month and looking into Smartthings.

Keen to see what happens here also. I’m just starting to research moving over to Surveillance Station on synology. Right now I use blue iris and it works great but my laptop running is getting old and i want an all in one solution to run my 6 HD cams + plex media server.

Old thread i know, now that Samsung V3 hub is out does this offer any features required to make this work?
QNAP TS-451+ & Sasmsung V3 hub

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