Home Monitor issues

Hi All,

I’ve got an issue where by, in an automation that sets my alarm when devices leave the hous/area, I get notifications to say it’s been carried out but when I check SHM it says unarmed. This is new?

Any ideas?

This is presumably the notification the app insists on adding to Routines that set the Security mode so it is really telling you the Routine ran.

It could be that STHM isn’t detecting the change to the security mode, which would be unusual in my experience, or it could be that another Routine is immediately changing the mode back again.

Have you looked in the History in the app (Menu > History) to see which Routines are being activated?

Yes and it’s just not running the automation as it used too. It’s as if it’s seeing a device still within the catchment area.

Strange thing is that when the devices return, it’s sets of the notification to disarm?

Is there anything been done in an update that would effect this?

I’ve checked the history. There’s nothing shown for the smart home Monitor but the notifications come through on my phone ok?