Home Depot smart home clearance

I have yet to find any of these deals in an Arizona HD. if anybody knows of one please share. I did get 2 quirky outlets for a penny once but that’s it. My local clearance section is weak.

Last time I went to Home Depot, they didn’t have anything, but today they had 3 of the premium kits with the siren for $25.02/each. They must have found them hiding somewhere because they were so dusty I could barely read the box. I would post the zip code, but I ended up buying them all.

With all these extra sensors I was concerned about my mesh network so I had to also pickup a couple of outlets I can use as repeaters.

The really sad part is that I got so wrapped up in buying the HA stuff that I completely forgot to buy the product I went in there for. :disappointed:


The strobe feature is a slow blinking red light so it could be used for a bunch of different things…

Now that i have 4 of them, I’m going to have to add some of the extra features to my device handler, like delayed alarm so you can make it strobe as a warning for a specified amount of time before sounding the alarm. It comes in handy for the entry/exit doors.

I use one set on strobe to let me know the mail has arrived.

@krlaframboise can you tell me which device type and smart apps you using for the Home Depot Siren??

It supports the capabilities Music Player and Speech Synthesis, but you can’t actually use it as a music player or TTS device.

What those capabilities allow you to do is use all of the device’s custom commands with any SmartApp. All you have to do is use the speak, speaktext, playtext, etc. option in the SmartApp and use the command you want to execute as the custom text. (link below has full instructions)

So I got 2 of the $25.02 GoControl Premium kits and it was not easy. If you go to (or call) customer service, they look it it up and it says that there are some in store, then they are probably there. My store had 8 in stock, and they were in the “warehouse area” above one of the electrical aisles. One guy went around with me as we looked box by box for a cardboard box with the store SKU on the side (1001290777 for premium and 1001290771 for the basic).

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Picked up 2 more at 89113. 2 left. Located up above the light switch dimmer area (not in the no home bay as it says in their system)

oooh that would be amazing ! here i was wondering if i can de-solder the speaker off xD

Picked up one GoControl Premium kit for $25.02 and two Essential kits for $13.02 each.
This was at the Hillsboro Oregon store this morning.
One Premium kit left in the lighting clearance section, top shelf.
The two Beaverton stores (Science Park and SW 110th) did not have any.
SW 110th had four Link Starter Packs (Hub + 2 A19 bulbs) for $25 each plus change.

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My device handler has an option that allows you to specify what the device should do when you use the switch.on and alarm.both commands. It you set that to strobe and enable the always override option, the device shouldn’t be able to make any sound.

I’m assuming it will still make sound if you open the back cover, but I haven’t tested that yet.

went to store on east side of Indy today, been meaning to check this clearance out since I saw this post. the guy there told me they lowered the price on their gocontrol kits for 6 weeks, all the way to $0.01 and then threw them away… my chin probably hit the floor.

:cry: I’ll be “pouring one out” tonight for my discarded homies…

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I’ve been waiting for the link starter packs to go down to under $10…anything more isn’t worth it for me because the hub is virtually worthless anyway

I checked my Local HD today, no sign of any type of clearance on Smart Home items…

The only things smart home related I’ve seen were the Go Control…unless you consider the GE Link bulbs and Hue Iris’ smart home products…outside of those though, I’m still waiting for more to be put on clearance!

I bought the supply of essential kits from Woburn (MA); sorry. However, both there and in West Roxbury (MA) they have about four more premium kits.

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I got the same deal on the gocontrols… 5 door/window sensors, two motion sensors and ths Siren for under $40

Thanks for the tip.

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Just saw a new smart home clearance product at Home Depot! A smart leak home leak detection kit and the sensors are half price! I don’t need them, BUT it’s a sign of more to be closed out…

any details on item description like name or something for us to keep an eye out on?