Home Depot smart home clearance

I know all the Home Depots near me are sold out so this is probably too late to be useful, but I just noticed this topic…

I’ve created device handlers for both sirens and they both have pros and cons. If you just want it for a siren, the GoControl is probably better, but if you want to be able to use it as a repeater, entry/exit beeping, and/or door chime, you’re better off with the Aeon Labs siren:

GoControl Siren:

  • It’s more secure because there’s no off button, but that also makes it difficult to disarm when there’s a false alarm.
  • Strobe and Siren work independently
  • Built-In Auto Off feature
  • Only runs on batteries
  • Only 1 Volume
  • Only 1 Sound
  • DTH provides beep/flash feature, but the poor response time causes the beep feature to be unreliable.

Aeon Labs Siren:

  • Easy to turn off during false alarm, but that also makes it less secure.
  • Powered so it’s a zwave repeater
  • Internal rechargeable battery, but doesn’t report battery level
  • 3 volumes
  • 5 sounds
  • Strobe and Siren can’t be used separately
  • DTH provides reliable beep functionality with the ability to repeat the beeps for more than 20 seconds, delayed alarm, beep delayed alarm, auto off.

Hi Colin, I live in 60490. I’d love to hear about your smart home automation collection

Thanks Kevin. I was able to find the Go Control premium kit for $25 and also picked up the basic kit for $13. I figured at that price, the siren couldn’t be TOO bad. :smiley:

oh man would love to pick up a set or two for home. been lookin for cheap security setup to work with smartthings. those sensors would be amazing :smiley:

Check out your local HD, but be forewarned - they can be hard to find. Mine weren’t in the clearance section and they had pretty much done away with the HA endcap - I found these stashed by the smoke alarms.

They weren’t easy to find even before they went on clearance . They were on the front page of the weekly sale flyer when I got mine and through perseverance I found them on an upper shelf sealed in the shipping boxes. Only found them using the in store map in the HD app and the SKU was written on the end of the boxes.

gonna stop by the closest one to my workplace after work today. hopefully i can find a set or two

Look up the product number and ask them. If they have them, they will find them! All of My 9 GE links and 3 Hue Iris were both in boxes on the top shelf in electrical somewhere. They located them and took them down for me

aeon’s dont come up on the site


only found this one

Get the sku number and call your local stores…their clearance prices don’t usually show up like they do at lowes

I got a GE link 90W floodlight today at Home Depot for… $0.01! Unfortunately it was the last one, and the 3 other stores I checked didn’t have any. But I’ll take it!

No way! I was at my store today and didn’t check the price…guess what I’m doing tomorrow morning?

Anyone see these clearance items in GA?

picked up 2 premium kits for $25.02 at area code 89123. couldnt find anything else. 2 kits left at this location. lady stated the “sale” will last 2 more weeks only before clearing

cant beat 50 bux for 6 sensors, 2 motion, and 2 alarms (doubt id use the alarms atm…) Lol

I have yet to find any of these deals in an Arizona HD. if anybody knows of one please share. I did get 2 quirky outlets for a penny once but that’s it. My local clearance section is weak.

Last time I went to Home Depot, they didn’t have anything, but today they had 3 of the premium kits with the siren for $25.02/each. They must have found them hiding somewhere because they were so dusty I could barely read the box. I would post the zip code, but I ended up buying them all.

With all these extra sensors I was concerned about my mesh network so I had to also pickup a couple of outlets I can use as repeaters.

The really sad part is that I got so wrapped up in buying the HA stuff that I completely forgot to buy the product I went in there for. :disappointed:


The strobe feature is a slow blinking red light so it could be used for a bunch of different things…

Now that i have 4 of them, I’m going to have to add some of the extra features to my device handler, like delayed alarm so you can make it strobe as a warning for a specified amount of time before sounding the alarm. It comes in handy for the entry/exit doors.

I use one set on strobe to let me know the mail has arrived.

@krlaframboise can you tell me which device type and smart apps you using for the Home Depot Siren??

It supports the capabilities Music Player and Speech Synthesis, but you can’t actually use it as a music player or TTS device.

What those capabilities allow you to do is use all of the device’s custom commands with any SmartApp. All you have to do is use the speak, speaktext, playtext, etc. option in the SmartApp and use the command you want to execute as the custom text. (link below has full instructions)