GE link Bulbs @ hd


Home Depot has all of the GE link bulbs on clearance. the flood lights i picked up were 6 bucks.


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Remember, since all HD stores don’t all have all of the same items on clearance at the same price at the same time, this deal is EXTREME YMMV. :slight_smile:


yea that’s why i added zip code. both stores close by me had a bunch.

(Bill) #4

The HD in my area has had them on clearance for about a month. Each week the price kept going down by a small amount. I ended up pick up 3 standard cool white when they crossed the $10 threshold. I should have waited.

(Mike) #5

Hit two HDs yesterday and both had GE Links on clearance. It was $9 for the standard warm white bulbs, $4 for the daylight bulbs, $12 for the warm white flood lights, and $6 for the daylight ones. They also had a single Hue Iris marked down to $50 that I picked up. I don’t think that this is too big of a YMMV; if you want these bulbs, you should go look at your local HDs as soon as possible.

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YMMV means Your Mileage May Very.

Since not all stores have these for the same prices, it’s a YMMV sort of deal.

I have now gone to about 10 HDs in the past week (good thing for me is that it was only when I was actually passing by them anyway; didn’t go run around to try to find these prices), and only 1 (one) of them had these priced as low as this.

I did get some at this low price, and that’s a good thing for me, but in light of the only 10% hit rate expressed above, this is definitely still YMMV, and in my case, it would be an Extreme YMMV if we’re actually going to count miles to go around to all of my local HD stores to try to find these prices.

Ya, this is EXACTLY what the whole YMMV acronym was invented for. :slight_smile:

(Chick Webb) #7

If anybody is near Watsonville, CA, they have quite a few:

It’s a shame I don’t have any use for these. Anymore. Was tempted to buy some “just in case”, but couldn’t imagine what that case might be. :slight_smile: Pretty damn pissed about those PAR38 floods. I paid $30/each for eight of them last fall! Grrrrrr…

(Dave Gonz) #8

I got the Hue Iris for $25.99


i also paid 25.00 man that thing is large and ugly but very bright

(Dave Gonz) #10

I think it looks cool but I’m weird like that lol

(Branden Price) #11

I just pick up 10 of the link bulbs for 4$ per at HD today. They had an iris too but it was 50$. Im waiting to see if the price drops anymore on that.


I picked up 2 Hue Iris’s at the HD in Signal Hill,CA, they were marked down from $99.00 to $25.03. The HD in Lakewood had only one (which is great because I wanted 3) but it was only marked down to $75. I asked the cashier to check how much it scanned at, and indeed it scanned at $25.03, so I am guessing that things get marked down but not always reflected in the price!

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@branden0502 @MacTigger

Yep…When I was at one of my local HDs the other day, I found an Iris for 25. At another one, they were marked down, but still only stickered at 79. Upon checking at customer service, it showed 25 in their system. So, if you really want these, then you should definitely either bring one up to CS or ask a passing HD employee to scan it with their pocket device for you.