Home Depot smart home clearance

signed up for the smart things community about 3 weeks ago…from tips from the community and my own research, ive been able to get all of this on clearance! I spent about $360…regular price was almost $1,275 (not pictured is 2 GE link boxes and 2 GE smart dimmers). I’m an extreme couponer and don’t do ANYTHING unless it’ll save me money in the long run and was fretting the cost of my new obsession! This make me feel so much better!


But, now where will you sleep??? :laughing:


I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

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How much was the couch? :wink: :smiley:


Are you guys finding the HA sensors and stuff in the electrical department clearance section with the bulbs or somewhere else?

I’ve found them in the hardware clearance, usually an interior end-cap. One of my local stores has a separate clearance area for bulbs where I found a lot of the Link bulbs, but also found this morning Lightify RGBW floodlights and cans for $10.03.

Free on Craigslist! I’m a cheap mofo! Lol


Mine actually has them with the electrical clearance

If you haven’t been back to Home Depot since the original markdown or have had your eyes on these, you may want to stop by again. I bought three of the Essential sets previously. Ran in today to pick up some nails for my air gun and decided to wander to the clearance section again and was shocked to see the Premium set was marked down to $25! Grabbed the last two sets from my local store. I can’t get three contact sensors for $25, much less a motion detector and siren to go with it.


I picked up the essentials kit for 25.06 in zip 60490. They had 3 or so more, but not sure what I’d use them for, so I left them for the next guy

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And of course I just realized that I didn’t see HotDog’s post before I basically posted the same thing. Was just surprised because the last time I was there, they were still charging $50 for the premium.

Got mine yesterday! 2 premium and 2 basic! Paid $76 for $300 worth of products! Also got a sengled pulse 2 pack for $42 (regularly $180), but they are Bluetooth so I’m waiting patiently for ST to open up Bluetooth integration…

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They just went down again on Monday or Tuesday…I actually bought one for $50 a couple of weeks ago but I kept the receipt. Then I bought one for $25 the other day, walked out of the store, and came back on, returned it with the $50 reciept! Then bought another premium and 2 more basic. Lol

Brilliant! I was impatient and had already installed my contact sensors and motion detectors from last week. Luckily I held off on the Premium. My savings as far as percentage wasn’t as good at $125 for $350 worth. Now if I can just get a good deal on one more Kwikset 910.

Still 65% saved! I actually save all of my receipts. So I had bought 4 GE link bulbs for $16 ea and was able buy 4 for $4 each then return them with the $16 reciept (then rebought those 4 for $4 each naturally!). Then I did the same thing with my GE dimmers…got 2 on clearance for $15 ea and returned them on the $42 receipts…and now these go controls! Believe it or not, I actually got my ST hub v2 for $28 brand new! Using “shop your way” reward points! And I got my Nest 3rd gen for $179 at Lowes because I pulled up the gen 2 at Home Depot for $199 on my phone and it looked the same to them, so they price matched it and beat it by 10%. The only thing I didn’t get a deal on was my Echo…paid full price :sob:. But it was a gift from my fiancé and it is worth the $179 price tag!

I’m going to have to try that if I find another HD with any essential sets left. Cleared out at my local store. I see in your picture you’ve got the Philips colored Hue lights. They are still holding at HD for $59.06 in the clearance section (regularly $79.97). Just can’t figure out what I’d used them for. Guess I need to check the forums for a use.

Oh wow…still that high? Have no idea why I’ll use them for, but I got them for $25 so I bought them up! I’m moving to a new house from a small condo, so hopefully I can find a use…

Thought I could use it in an Ambilight setup but looks like I actually need a light strip for that.


Oh wow! That’s the bloom on clearance! Ours aren’t on clearance yet, but I’m waiting…I got the Iris’ on clearance…

I also got a light strip for $9…but that was a shady dealing that I don’t talk about! Lol