Home Depot selling applights

Is anyone thinking integrat Applights Bluetooth controlled sold by Home Depot . It’s really nice Led lights!
Thank you

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The bluetooth radio in hub v2 is not enabled as of yet. Right now there is no way to integrate anything bluetooth with smartthings.

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I bought some to play with. They are very expensive. 60 bucks per 24 feet of lights. The colors and lighting effects are pretty nice, but man. 60 bucks per 24 feet.

They went on clearance last week, $15 each.

Sorry to raise an old thread but I have some of these app lights

I see a thread there someone got Bluetooth candles to work with smartthings and a raspberry pi, could the same thing be done with the AppLights?

Does any one know how to look at the bluetooth commands that are being sent? I don’t believe they are color commands like the mipow since you can only select between a certain set of colors.