EasyBulb integration, anyone help a noob press!

Ok so I have SmartThings (in UK), but have to say it’s not as easy as I was hoping to use. I’ve managed to add a couple of manual coded smartapps via this forum, copying the code, but wasn’t as smooth as I’d hope when I bought SmartThings.

So I know that EasyBulb lights isn’t officially supported, but clever people on here have managed to get it integrated apparently.

I’ve spent nearly £200 on EasyBulb, so I don’t really want to change, as I bought them before I got SmartThings, but this is one area where I really wanted to get automation working.

So can someone help someone who doesn’t code, so it’s going to be copy and paste only, and can help me step by step please. Would really appreciate it. Easy as possible please!

To someone who has done this, does it work well? Any things that don’t work, any problems? We aren’t doing anything wrong by it not fully supported by ST are we?

Thanks in advance

It looks messy but doable. Doing a search for EasyBulb I found this,


Thanks it seems very complicated, was hoping for a bit easier, struggling to use ST at mo, was going was going to be a little easier as advertised for the masses.

Not sure if the EasyBulb explained in that thread is a little beyond what I’m capable of…

Well you are trying to use a device that is not supported by ST. It is nice to just be able to get devices like this to work on this platform

@R2D2 This will probably be the easiest integration for you… but it’s pre-BETA at this stage… Device type for MiLight / EasyBulb / LimitlessLED Wifi controller
If you have the WiFi bridge then download the wifi tool from here and then PM me and I can talk you through it; http://www.limitlessled.com/download/LimitlessLEDv5.zip

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Thanks I’ll have a look, worried on the pre-beta stance though - gulp! I Do have the WiFi bridge as use it over 4G.

Do you use it? Is it still being developed it us that sort of it and the pre-beta is purely as it’s a “hack” as such, and because will never be supported officially by ST?

@R2D2 If you’re using another phone app to control the lights then it’s probably not the one for you… there’s no status storage on that release, so if used remotely you won’t know if the light is on or off, and the mod involves setting the bridge into TCP mode which most (all) of the phone apps don’t support (they only support UDP) - so it’s gonna break any existing control (the local hardware remotes though will still work as they pair directly with the bulbs). @brianfreund has done an integration using UDP (so doesn’t affect anything else) and a spare tablet/android phone - I’m just waiting for a reply back to see if he can share his device type code and whether it stores the switch status in ST. It looks relatively easy to set up though, so might be your best option. If he comes back to me I’ll do a writeup and let you know how I get on with it.

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Thanks, the app I’m using is just the EasyBulb one. Too my knowledge this doesn’t have any feedback though either, it’s just an on/off or timer. Didn’t know other app could? I’m on iOS btw.

What I don’t want to lose is the timer function. Basically for security when away etc.

Good that still use separate remote, which I also have, as I’ve got to be able to let the wife use, as she’s really technophobe! Although at the moment, as long as the wall switch/lamp switch can switch them on/off physically then that’s fine.

Love to see you get it to work, I’ll wait for the other solution then to see how you get on, you sound better than me ST this.

Thanks again

Any reply back yet? Any news?


Any news please, @brianfreund. I really need to get this working. At the moment ST isn’t doing anything for me. The only thing it’s doing is detecting through the night if movement send me a text and notification.


Hey @R2D2, sorry for the later reply but I do have a solution that I’ve been able to implement and I had a proof of concept going for a short while before I physically broke my own controller but if you visit this thread:
You should find the steps necessary to get SmartThings integration with an android phone. I noticed you mentioned however that you’re using iOS, so as far as getting my solution to work, you’ll either have to recycle an old one you have lying around the house or purchase a used one will work fine since it doesn’t need a cellular connection, just the wifi and ability to run the two apps mentioned. Hope this helps!

Yeh I use a iPhone for ST. I do have a Moto G but don’t use it much and I’d want some control from my iPhone when I’m out and about, although I presume what you mean on recycling an Android phone is to do the job tial setup, routines etc so they’ll still run, just that I can’t control anything from my iPhone?

Still love a better solution for my iPhone. Although I’ve bought into EasyBulb a bit I’m thinking that I’m going to have to sell it all, and go with Hue, the only really supported light solution in UK. Very expensive for me, but at the moment ST is doing nothing for me either apart from a notification if motion detected through the night…

Revisit that thread @R2D2, I created a video demonstrating it that should solve your problems.

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