Has anyone written a device integration for MagicLight Pro?

I am really looking at the best way to do multi-colored LED bulbs, initially with my exterior lights for holidays but then in my theater and vault. I was very strongly leaning towards Philips hue but the more I read the less convinced I am. I bought 4 MagicLight Pro’s off Amazon and they were very easy to setup, work via wifi, have Alexa integration and look amazing and have lots of cool features. $40 each and no hub required, etc. I see there are competing bulbs called Lifx that have smartthings integration but they are $20 more per bulb. Since these bulbs work with Alexa/online account I imagine this is one of those just linking websites sort of thing. Anyhow have any thoughts?

Here is a link to the product in question;



I have several of the MagicLight LED Strip controllers, it’d be nice to have them integrated to SmartThings instead of just Alexa.

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I agree. I would love to see these integrated into SmartThings. I’ve been searching…is it possible to put these bulbs in a virtual switch? Or is this not possible because the ST hub can’t see them? I’m reading maybe using IFTTT, however I need these bulbs to be grouped as I’m using them in outdoor light fixtures as a pair.

IFFFT might be a way but unfortunately it is sooo unreliable and slow.