Multi color LED light alternatives (that are less expensive)

Hi, I’m currently doing my homework and looking into getting a home automation system. I need it to control a wide variety of things one being some “smart” LED lights. While I know that Philips Hue is supported via the bridge, and that both Cree and GE bulbs are directly supported, I’d love to have more multicolor LED lights so I can control the type of white that the bulb emanates, among other reasons. With the full color spectrum, making a daylight while them switching to a warmer evening light would be perfect. However, as I’m sure you know these bulbs don’t come cheap. However I’ve seen some interesting, well rated alternatives like the Flux bulb in Amazon and it costs just over half of the Philips Hue multicolor. Is there any support for these other color LED lights? Is there a way to change the White balance on a one color LED light than I’m not aware of? . Any help would be awesome and incredibly appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!

One version of the Flux bulb uses Bluetooth, so the v1 of the hub won’t be able to communicate directly with it since it doesn’t have a bluetooth radio. Personally I’d be wary of bluetooth as the protocol for a connected device since currently the range is very limited. Flux does have a $40 wifi bulb. It wouldn’t have direct support, but it should be possible to send commands through the hub and across your home network to them.

If you are just looking for color temperature adjustment, Osram just came out with a line called Lightify, which has a 60W zigbee LED bulb that can range from 2700K - 6500K in color temp for $33 on Amazon. I bought one and it’s a nice little bulb. I’ve created a devicetype for it that can control the colorTemp, as well as on/off/dim like any smart bulb. It still needs a little work on the parse section, but it’s getting there.


Do you know how someone would go about doing that? I have these bulbs and they work great. I’d like to try to send commands to them through the hub but I’m not really sure how to go about trying.