Holiday deals to end 2020 (or ring in 2021)

Sharptools is having a sale that ends on 1/4/21


A few deals on Best Buy to check out…

Hue lightstrip plus + extension $60

Switchbot has 15 to 20% off coupons on most of their items at Amazon and a spin the wheel coupon generator on their own site as well.

Manufacturer site:

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And if you need some last minute stocking stuffers for yourself…

Check out Meross, Kasa and Aqara on Amazon…

A few of their products have some good deals still going on

Get yourself a Meross outdoor smart plug for #20 or $22 for homekit version.


The new HomeKit integration for Flic buttons is getting good reviews on HomeKit sites. You do need their “flic LR“ hub to make it work. And I believe the smartthings integration is still through Ifttt.

Anyway, they’ve got a bunch of different discounts on their own site right now, kind of random as far as the level of the discount.

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All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) and 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited FREE w/ auto-renewal - Charcoal

Learn more:

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This isn’t about a specific deal, but Home Depot has re-organized the website and now has a landing page for “smart home“ with a couple of different ways of finding deals.

They are still terrible at assigning the right filters, so selecting, say, Zwave will not find all the Z wave devices and selecting “SmartThings” Will not find all the smartthings – compatible devices. But at least you don’t have to wade through 1200 different Leviton dumb light switch accessories. :wink:


Rant here karma must be coming back to get me this holiday season specifically with shipping.

USPS has definitely been against me. 3 packages and the average delivery has been 10 days past the expected delivery date. How it took 12 days for a package to travel 60 miles is hard to believe.

And today, two separate UPS deliveries were reported as delivered but not at my address

It is karma I tell you!

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You can say that again. Smart Home Hubs has Wyze and Neo listed :thinking:


Some decent Centralite sensor bundles.


It’s technically a hub for its sensors in the package they show:


Schlage locks are included at Home Depot’s Buy of the Day

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Monoprice has end of year clearance with some Zwave plus sensor models included.

The best deal looks like their PIR motion sensor with temperature sensor at a sale price of $25.

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Meross outdoor plug with HomeKit support $15.49

  1. Visit the page for Meross Outdoor Waterproof 2-Outlet Smart Plug
  2. Clip the $4 off coupon on the page
  3. Add to your cart and continue to checkout
  4. At checkout apply promotion code TP6MBSGC
  5. Your final total will be $15.49 with free shipping

Thanks for the find…much needed after my outdoor holiday automation blunders…appreciate this community for once again spending money for me! :crazy_face:

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