Meross Coupons at Amazon, US and UK, (29 Jan 2021)

Meross has coupons at Amazon pretty frequently, and right now they have some good ones.

These are inexpensive Wi-Fi devices that also have ETL safety certifications. It’s a Chinese company, but they have US servers for their US accounts.

There is an official cloud to cloud integration through the app for most of their devices.

They have light switches, plug-in pocket sockets (several different form factors, including an outdoor model), smart bulbs, LED strips, and a garage door controller.

Some of the models, although not all, also work with HomeKit, so if you want that look for the HomeKit logo on the specific model you are considering.

They sell a lot of their devices in two packs, three packs, and four packs, which bring the price down even more.

The coupons will be a checkbox on the Amazon product page that will be applied at checkout.

I have several of these and like them. If you don’t need zwave or zigbee repeaters, these are a good Wi-Fi choice.

Here’s just one example. This is a plug-in pocket socket with two independently controllable sockets.

Regularly $34 for a two pack, today there’s a $7 off coupon which brings the price down to $27, or just under $14 each. :sunglasses:

UK Models

They also sell through Amazon in the UK. These models only have a single socket, but are still very well priced. Again, some will work with HomeKit and some will not. today some of them are on a deal and some of them have a voucher.

Here’s one example. This one is regularly £16.99 , and there’s a £3 voucher available today.

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$20 off coupon code on the Meross Wi-Fi garage door controller. which brings it down to $29.99. :sunglasses: works with both HomeKit and SmartThings.

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