Holiday & End of Year Sales 2023


up to 40% off holiday deals

Offer ends December 24th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST.

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Kasa Smart Plug Ultra Mini 15A, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet 2 pack (non Matter version) $11.89

SmartThings Station is currently on sale at Amazon for $39.99(Limited-time deal)

Limited-time deal: SAMSUNG SmartThings Station with Power Adapter, 15W Super Fast Wireless Charger, Smart Home Hub, 2023, EP-P9500TBEGUS, Black


Flash Sale $100

Meross Christmas Sale up to %40 off
meross Matter Smart Plug Mini (2 pack) -20% $24.98
Meross Smart Plug Mini (non Matter) (4 pack) -38% $31.99
meross Smart Power Strip -39% $32.53

other Meross devices on sale so happy shopping!


Philips Hue White BR30 LED Smart Bulb 4 pack $30

Home Depot has a bunch of random “smart devices“ on sale. Models and pricing will vary by location. This includes the usual big names like Arlo, and Google, Nest and Ring, plus some other stuff. Oh, and a bunch of different smart thermostats.

Most of these will work with SmartThings, but research individual models.

Anything that says “hubspace“ or “powered by hubspace“ is using Home Depot‘s proprietary platform and will not integrate with smartthings.

When you get to the Home Depot site, look for the link to the local ad to see what’s featured near you.

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Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2, Matter Over Thread $21
Aqara Smart Lock U100 $133
Aqara Smart Hub M2 $42

oh… limited time deals!

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SYMFONISK Sonos WiFi bookshelf speaker, black smart/gen 2 $105

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Kasa Matter Smart Dimmer Switch $24
Kasa Matter Smart Light Switch $20

There are other Kasa products at lower prices so Happy Shopping!


Switchbot has a sort of weird sale going on right now on the manufacturer site. There’s a single coupon code, but the amount of discount you get varies from product to product. It’s up to 50% off, but could be as little as 10% off. But you’ll be able to see on the product page when you go to add to your cart how much it saves.

The code is UP50MRCS

If you prefer to shop through Amazon, there are some discounts there as well, but they don’t look quite as big.

At Amazon, there is a coupon code on each page that you have to select.

In all cases, you need a SwitchBot hub for smartthings or voice assistant integration.

There is a cloud to cloud integration, which is pretty good, and you only need the SwitchBot minihub for that. That one will work with the voice assistants and with smartthings, but not with HomeKit.

If you get the more expensive SwitchBot hub 2, that is a Matter bridge, and can bring many SwitchBot devices (but not all) in locally via matter over Wi-Fi. That one works with the voice assistants, SmartThings hubs, and Apple Home.

In both cases, no custom code is required.

(Both switchbot hubs are also IR blasters, but note that there is a Matter limitation on the number of IR devices a single matter bridge can bring in: I think it’s three.)

Anyway, I have a bunch of their devices and like them, and this is a pretty good sale.