Flic 10th Anniversary Sale -ends 19 March 2023

Lots of flic items on sale from 20 to 40% off on the manufacturer website. (Note that the banner ad says “until Sunday“ but I checked this morning and the sale prices are still good, so I think they meant “through Sunday.“)

You will need their hub in order to get integration with smartthings and/or HomeKit/Alexa/Google.

Among another other things, there is a 10 pack of buttons for $180, at 40% discount

They can be used to trigger Alexa routines, HomeKit routines, or SmartThings routines.

I like them, and use them in my own home, although I admit, I liked the first generation buttons a little better, since they were convex instead of concave, so easier for my service dog to use. But these are still good, and most people won’t have that issue.