US Mother’s Day Deals 8 May 2022

Ok, some of these will be one day only, so move fast.

Also, sometimes only one or two specific models will have a direct SmartThings integration, so do your research to avoid disappointment.

(Hopefully Matter will solve some of this confusion in a year or so.)

Lots of Switchbot stuff on big discounts at Amazon today. The seller should be Amazon or Wonderlabs (the Switchbot manufacturer). Personally I would avoid other third party sellers, they don’t always get the product description right. Some pages have a coupon box you need to check to get additional discounts. Amazon coupon boxes are usually one per order, but will often let you place multiple orders if you want more units.

You will need the mini hub (almost half off today) for ST integration.

As long as you have the mini hub, the button pushers work well with ST. The IR blaster works ok but requires a lot of work to set up. I use both of these in my own home.

The temperature sensor works well with Alexa but for some reason the ST integration only seems to update two or three times a day.

The curtain bot is popular, I think the integration is a little clunky, but search the forum for details.

The handheld push button remote does NOT integrate with ST, although you can use it with a curtain bot as a parallel means of control.

Scenes created in the Switchbot app do not integrate with ST, but they do show up in Alexa.

I don’t know one way or the other about the lights and sensors, although I think they do work with Alexa so maybe some partial integration that way.

If you plan on using Alexa routines as an intermediary remember that each Alexa account is limited to 99 routines total.

So…very good sale, some items have ST integration, but do your research.

There’s also a sale at Amazon UK, but the discounts are lower.

Lots of Echo devices on sale at lots of stores.