History Broken? (2021)

So yesterday I had some history showing on my iPhone. Synced the history yesterday afternoon and have shown “no activities” ever since.

How did you do this?

Just pulled down on the screen and it re-syncs

Still no history showing. Everything looks like it is working but it would be nice to see the history.

Don’t think I’ve ever been on this page. There’s nothing there…

Same problem here, but it has worked fine in the past. Activity shows for individual Devices but not for overall History. Need this to triage why the system behaves in a certain way. (eg. How did it get into Disabled mode??)

BTW it does show as Last Synced recently, and I have pulled down to refresh! But shows “No activities”.

Still absolutely nothing showing

I noticed this is only on my iOS device. Droid device works okay. Would like to see it work on iOS properly.

I have the same problem. No history in the main history page. I do under the devices but on the main history page. I also have an IOS device. I called and put a ticket in. As usual with my tickets the send it to the developers. Then I wait.

Started working kinda a few days ago then stopped yesterday and hasn’t worked since

Same problem (iOS), I contacted support, and they had me open/close, delete and reinstall etc, still no history…(also no history on wife’s iPhone/same account).

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Android isn’t without problems either. It works sometimes but more often than not when you open it you will get an hour or so of the most recent history synced. Then there will be a gap to the the last time you looked at it. However if you change the filter it bursts into life.

Mind you when it is minded to work properly there is so much data that it refreshes before you can scroll back to what you are interested in.


It’s a shame the new app doesn’t have the histories like the old app used to have. One of the best things for trouble shooting scenes, reasons why somethings happened and just plain detail that the classic app had needs to be included in the new app.

The new app.

The classic app.

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My history has been unable to update for weeks. I submitted ticket and was told they samsung is working on it. Anyone else complain / submit ticket?

Here is their reply

Mar 9, 2021, 12:24 PM MST

Hi there,

Thank you for writing back to us.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As of now, there is a known issue with the history of iOS devices. Right now there is a known issue with seeing the history within the iOS version of the Smartthings application. Right now we are working to fix the issue and we do not have a estimate for when it will be fixed.

I truly understand the situation. Meantime we highly appreciate your patience.


Samsung SmartThings Support

This is the about the same message i got two weeks ago.

I’ve been complaining since at least Jan that history isn’t working. Hasn’t helped.

Just heard back from support on the issue this morning.

“We’d like to inform you that the blank tab is a known issue that our developers are currently looking into. For now, you will need to look at the device history from the device page as a workaround.”

History is now working, check yours.

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I’m using IOS and it is now finally working. However if you find it is not updating to the latest info just close app and reopen.