Heavy duty appliance smart plug for US? (2024)

Jd, Any suggestions on smart plugs rated for appliances in the US with ST and power consumption reporting? I assumed that the plugs I have that are rated at 15 amps were adequate for my refrigerators and small freezer.

  1. Definitely the Zooz Z wave heavy duty plug. It has all the features you’d want (except that it does not as yet show up on the SmartThings energy dashboard, but it does report energy consumption), including the ability to handle the inrush current from a 15A compressor. ETL safety certification. At under $40, it’s also well priced. (No matter support, though.)

Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Power Switch ZEN15 800LR for Heavy D - The Smartest House

  1. If you need something for higher loads, up to 40A, then the Aeotec heavy duty is a good choice. But that’s much more expensive.


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I will buy the Zooz and remove my other smart plugs. Thank you.


Hi @mlchelp , before moving everything I have to Zigbee I had a few of these Zooz devices. I liked them and used them on all my appliances. The low profile plug is super convenient, and is a very reliable device. If there ever is a Zigbee/Matter heavy duty device like this I’ll probably try one! I think you’ll be happy with the Zooz.