Heavy duty appliance smart plug for US? (2024)

Jd, Any suggestions on smart plugs rated for appliances in the US with ST and power consumption reporting? I assumed that the plugs I have that are rated at 15 amps were adequate for my refrigerators and small freezer.

  1. Definitely the Zooz Z wave heavy duty plug. It has all the features you’d want (except that it does not as yet show up on the SmartThings energy dashboard, but it does report energy consumption), including the ability to handle the inrush current from a 15A compressor. ETL safety certification. At under $40, it’s also well priced. (No matter support, though.)

Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Power Switch ZEN15 800LR for Heavy D - The Smartest House

  1. If you need something for higher loads, up to 40A, then the Aeotec heavy duty is a good choice. But that’s much more expensive.


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I will buy the Zooz and remove my other smart plugs. Thank you.


Hi @mlchelp , before moving everything I have to Zigbee I had a few of these Zooz devices. I liked them and used them on all my appliances. The low profile plug is super convenient, and is a very reliable device. If there ever is a Zigbee/Matter heavy duty device like this I’ll probably try one! I think you’ll be happy with the Zooz.


How does one determine if a smart plug is “heavy duty” or suitable for an appliance load?

I have a GE ZW4103 smart plug which has the following specifications:


Those specs seem to nearly match the ones of the Zooz power switch:

I would think that the GE plug is suitable for an appliance load like a dehumidifer, but I’m not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

It tells you right in the specs:

Maximum load for the Z-Wave controlled outlet: 600W (5A) Incandescent, ½ HP Motor or 1800W (15A) Resistive

A 15 amp resistive load means that it can handle most small appliances up to 15 Amps. So you have to look at the specs for the specific dehumidifier you’re considering to see what it requires. As long as the specs match, you should be OK.

If there’s any particular reason why you shouldn’t use something with a motor on that Smart plug, most of the American and European companies will tell you that. The Chinese companies don’t always mention it.

If it’s a heavy load, you should also definitely look for either UL or ETL safety listings.

The Zooz Zen 15 should be a solid choice for anything that works on up to 15 A.

  • The only Z-Wave plug that can handle high inrush current and works great with fans, AC units, microwaves, or gas clothes dryers
  • Z-Wave and local on/off control of large (and small!) 110V appliances like AC units, sump pumps, humidifiers, or refrigerators
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Thanks. I was asking because I also know that startup or in-rush current draw is different from continuous current. A compressor may use only 5A when running but may require a lot more when initially starting. This is not called out in any specs. Seems the Zooz plug is proven by many, so I will likely purchase one of them and switch to it, even though the GE/Jasco one seems to be working well.

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If the device is UL or ETL listed, it should be able to handle the inrush current for a typical UL listed device at the Published specs unless the manufacturer has a warning not to use it with motors.

You are right that if it only has the CE self certification, or no certification at all, it could be a problem.

We should also say that within the industry “heavy duty“ doesn’t usually refer to the inrush current. It refers to a device that runs at at least 75% of max amps for more than three hours at a time. These are typically motors.

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