HEM disappeared from original SmartThings app

HEM disappeared from original SmartThings app, appears in new SmartThings app.

Still shows in ide

From where? Within a Room you had it in, or the Things tab? I’ve seen things disappear from the new app, but not Classic. You might want to force close Classic and restart it.

Also, out of curiosity, if you have a SmartApp in Classic that can use the HEM like a power allowance app, is it available to be selected?

Also, in the IDE, when you click on the device, what Room does it say it’s in (if any)? It should say that along the top, like in my example below where mine is in General Home Devices:


Gone from everywhere, was in favorites, gone from things and the room.

I can see it removed from Favorites since there may be migration stuff happening that we don;t know of, but that’s still weird.

What Room does it show up in on the new app?

If you go to a Room in Classic, is it available to be added?

Garage in new app. See above. Don’t know why the look different, they are both using the same device handler…

Can’t be added to room in classic because it is gone! This happened yesterday.

Everything that was in garage in classic app is missing from room and not available to be added back.

And who and the hell thinks Mwh is the correct units to use for power used!

Wow, ok that is really weird since more that one device is impacted.

What about how it looks in the IDE? What happens if you edit the device in the IDE and move it to a room there?


Yeah, that drives me crazy too. They keep changing that format every so often, so I’ve learned to ignore it…

LMAO, look what mine says in the IDE:


I’ll have to go see what’s been messed up…

BTW - Classic app still shows that as kWh, while the new app shows it as MWh, and the IDE now as kVAh. What a cluster…


Very interesting. Note the Units change less than an hour ago. I know there’s planned maintenance going on right now, so perhaps this and your issues could be related.


Everything is back now!

Yeah, there was serous weirdness going on yesterday…

lost 6 z-wave devices yesterday…had to air gap them all. they always work when toggled, takes a few seconds for the device to respond and then it works but still the app says it is unresponsive until air gaped.